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Cleaning Equipment Mfr (General)

Client Number Project Number In Progress Implementation Tech Transfer Analysis Test Objective
116 2 In house evaluation of ultrasonic cleaning system
116 1 To evaluate cleaning capabilities of new ultrasonic cleaning system
255 2 Follow up testing to add additional runs for cat hair removal from fleece. Add additional test for increased surface area cleaning. Add additional comparative product for pet hair and dryer lint from chair surfaces
255 3 Retest large surface area cleaning using mulitple fabric types.
255 1 The primary purpose of the lint roller performance study we have requested is to support potential product performance claims. We would like to demonstrate in a semi quantitative way the performance of both designs of the agitator lint roller on hair
278 1 Looking to have our DI water system tested to verify/demonstrate that it provides an added benefit to cleaning by reducing the amount of cleaning chemistry needed for successful cleaning. We would like to evaluate a couple of off the shelf products a
278 2 Want to evaluate hand held microfiber holder for glass cleaning as compared with paper towel.
294 1 May I have a quotation for the cleaning performance test on following item? Please include test protocols, test lead time and test fee. MULTI-IONIZER is a chemical free green cleaning & sanitizing device(a small connector) which transforms tap water
294 2 Please provide testing for laundry cleaning dilutions
331 1 To evaluate hard floor cleaning equipment using various cleaning solvents.
335 1 To evaluate performance of vacuum cleaner against dust moping
336 1 To evaluate effectiveness of dry steam vapor cleaning
354 1 To evaluate performance of an electrolyzed water cleaning system
366 1 We are trying to develop some information for cleaning in the Food service market in terms of understanding ROI/productivity and soil removal. BP vs. Sweeping: 1) Soil Removal; 2) Productivity (time study) Equipment to Test: Vacuum: SQV HEPA BP (6q
370 2 GenEon is a conservative company that regards its reputation as one that we must earn every day. We are looking to have an independent review of our existing equipment and related literature materials. We would need assistance on a monthly bases that
370 3 We are looking to have an independent review of our existing equipment and related literature materials. We would need assistance on a monthly bases for a six month period. We would like to be billed using the following schedule: 6 months, first two
370 1 We are looking to generate a cleaning performance profile for our product. We are looking for the following testing: Hucker's Soil, Human Oils, Vegetable Oil, Whiteboard, Carpet Dirt, Carpet Stain, and Medium Grease on Glass, Mirror, Ceramic, Wood,
373 1 Looking to have our product tested on five cleaning scenarios. We would like to have each soil tested on a various substrates and against industry recognized products. These include the following: All Purpose (DCC-17) on wood, granite and metal .
373 2 To conduct additional performance testing on our cleaning system.
374 1 We are specialized in the development and design of skin care products . I was referred to you by Geneon. Recently, our president and CEO, invested in Tersano, company that develop and commercialize cleaning & sanitizing system through the benefits
376 1 To evaluate the supplied cleaning equipment (microfiber mop and squeegee) against other traditional surface
379 1 We are looking to have our product compared against a QSR product line and a residential product line for all purpose, light oils, bathroom and glass. We would like to have an odor elimination assessment done as well. We will supply products for comp
383 1 We would like to measure the efficacy of an aqueous ozone in an automatic scrubber application. We would like to test the output of the battery powered ozone generator against a solution of water and a solution of neutral cleaner. From your video,
383 2 Would like to bring our latest ozone generator to your lab during the week of September 23. Looking to test all purpose, bathroom and glass cleaning against regular tap water.
392 1 We would like to proceed with sending one Qleeno floor scrubber for a soil removal and productivity test. Please let me know the parameters the machine would be tested to achieve Preferred Vendor status for the Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools? (
399 1 To evaluate cleaning peformance of the robot floor cleaner specializing in wet floor cleaning