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Summary: Using the laboratory's database for solvent cleaning substitution, the lab generated a lists of products based on laboratory testing and vendor supplied information. Two companies have worked with the lab in the past for asphalt related cleaning. Copies of those reports have been sent for review. In addition, SSL generated a list of products that are recommended by vendors for cleaning asphalt from various metal surfaces.

Test Objective: To find a quicker more efficient method for cleaning lab instruments

Problems with Current Method: Cleaning is a continuous, time consuming process keeping lab technicians from working on other projects

Purpose of Cleaning: Eliminate contaminants so various tests maintain accuracy

Product Use: Viscosity, softening point and penetration point measurement devices

Cleaning Chemicals: Soy Gold 2000

Trial Number Date Run Purpose Success Rating
0 09/07/04 To generate a list of products that could be used to clean asphalt based coating from equipment Technology Transfer.