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Chemical Manufacturer (Chemical)

Client Number Project Number In Progress Implementation Tech Transfer Analysis Test Objective
174 1 Looking for an effective replacement for MCl (methylene chloride) for a cleaning solution for industrial equipment manufacturing adhesives (epoxies) and primers.
185 1 To evaluate new cleaning product on four contaminants
208 1 To remove residue from glass lined tanks and define cleaning process.
209 1 To identify a safer cleaning product for adhesive removal from equipment
216 1 To obtain a list of alternatives for buffing compound removal.
217 1 To identify alternatives for ammonia to clean polymers.
221 1 To evaluate selected products for effectiveness in janitorial cleaning applications.
302 1 To evaluate product for Green Seal certification for GS 34.
319 1 To evaluate supplied products for hand washing following Green Seal GS 41.
325 1 Conduct performance evaluation for GS 37 for 2 products plus a conventional product for all purpose cleaning. Perform cleaning evaluation for GS for two products plus a conventional product for bathroom cleaning.
328 1 We need to find a replacement anionic surfactant for Dowfax 2A1 that complies with Greenseal restrictions for GS-37
330 1 To evaluate potential cleaning ability of two solvents
334 1 To evaluate testing prerformance of product line. Also provide assistance in MSDS and label information.
337 1 Performance testing for floor stripper for Ecologo certification
339 1 We are focused on the need for demonstrating its parity and/or superior performance as an all- purpose hard surface cleaner, a degreaser, and an odor neutralizer, where name brands tested also for establishing relative performance benchmarks.
344 1 To evaluate two samples, one is an all-purpose green cleaner and the other is a green degreaser that turns the grease into soap. The second one will be used to treat grease traps and plumbing in restaurants.
345 1 We?re considering submitting the following Green Works Concentrates products for testing. What would be the cost to submit them?
346 1 To provide technical assistance for product development and performance testing.
349 1 To evaluate supplied product for DfE performance testing
350 1 To evaluate the peformance of cleaning product for EPA DfE recognition
351 1 To evaluate supplied products for either Green Seal or EPA-DFE certification for performance.
352 1 At the point in formulation stage where I feel confident the products are performing well at their stated task, but a third party testing service would helpful in quantifying the actual cleaning performance.
401 1 interested in having you rate our product's effectiveness and how well it performs relative to other products you already recommend.
402 1 To conduct performance testing for product line for Green Seal certification
426 1 To replace the use of TCE on aluminum substrates.