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Product: Aquavantage 1400

Vendor: Brulin Corporation

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Vendor Provided Information

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Aquavantage 1400 [x] (Select another product) (Select another product)
Vendor Name: Brulin Corporation
Classification: Alkaline Aqueous
Recommended Contaminants:
Adhesive, Buffing/Polishing Compounds, Carbon Deposits, Cutting/Tapping Fluids, Fluxes, Greases, Inks, Lubricating/Lapping Oils, Mold Releases, Oil, Waxes

Recommended Equipment:
Immersion/Soak, Mechanical Agitation, Ultrasonics

Recommended Substrates:
Aluminum, Brass, Carbon Steel, Ceramics, Copper, Galvinized Steel, Glass/Quartz, Gold, Nickel, Plastic, Rubber, Stainless Steel, Steel, Sterling/Silver, Tin

MSDS / TDS: Aquavantage 1400 MSDS, Aquavantage 1400 TDS

Safety Screening Information

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Safety Score

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VOC:  0
GWP:  0
ODP:  0
HMIS H:  1
HMIS F:  0
HMIS R:  0
pH:  11.3
Total: 46

Lab Evaluation Summary

Aquavantage 1400 [x] (Select another product) (Select another product)
Number of Trials: 97
56 effective/41 ineffective
Tested Contaminants:
Oil, Coatings, Lubricating/Lapping Oils, Greases, Buffing/Polishing Compounds, Inks, Latex binder, Resins/Rosins, Cutting/Tapping Fluids, Carbon Deposits, Dirt, Waxes, Mold Releases, Salts
Tested Substrates:
Aluminum, Steel, Sterling/Silver, Brass, Stainless Steel, Plastic, Ceramics, Titanium, Cold Rolled Steel, Copper, Alloys
Tested Equipment:
Immersion/Soak, Ultrasonics, Low Pressure Spray, Manual Wipe, Mechanical Agitation