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Toxics Use Reduction Institute

Surface Solutions Laboratory

Trial Report

Trial Number 142

(Client Number 153, Project Number 1)

Trial Purpose: Laboratory evaluations of alternative cleaning products

Date Run: 01/11/02

Experiment Procedure:
Cleaning: 5 min Immersion cleaning with stirbar agitation @ 120 F
Rinsing: 1/2 min, manual, in 102 F water (tap)
Drying : 1 min with heatgun @ 500F
Contaminant: Cook's Ind Lubricants (Elf Lubricants North America Inc)
Cool 5

Trial Results
Low Foam:  This cleaner looked to almost bleach the coupons. It either thorougly cleaned the coupon of all background and newly added contaminants or
it reacted with the alluminum itself.

Success Rating
Lab evaluation based on vendor data.

4 of the 6 cleaners were effective.Perfect Way 147 (82.42 ave % removal). LF-2100 had an average % removal of 106.73. The coupons looked almost bleached with a line where the contaminant and cleaner had been used.