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Trial Report

Trial Number 376

(Client Number 153, Project Number 1)

Trial Purpose: Laboratory evaluations of alternative aerosol cleaning products

Date Run: 11/08/06

Experiment Procedure:
Thirteen products were selected for testing based on soil removal. Six products were diluted to ~15% using DI water and one was used at 10%. The other six products were used at full strength in 250 ml beakers. Products were used at room temperature.
Thirteen preweighed aluminum coupons were coated with a collection of brake/engine soil collected from an automobile shop. The coupons were allowed to sit for several days before a second weight was recorded. One coupons was cleaned in each solution for 5 minutes using no agitation. Coupons were then rinsed in tap water for 15 seconds and dried using air blow off at room temperature for 30 seconds. Following drying, final weights were recorded and cleaning efficiencies were calculated.

Testing was conducted as a preliminary screening and did not follow the triplicate testing process normally followed.

Trial Results
Five of the thirteen products removed over 65% of the soil mix from the individual coupons. Two products removed just over 40%. These seven products
were considered acceptable for continued testing. The table below lists the amount of soil added, the amount remaining and the efficiency for each
coupon cleaned.

Product                  Initial wt   Final wt   % Removed
278 Super Solv             0.3734     0.2160     42.15
DS 104                     0.3992     0.0926     76.80
D Greeze 500 Lo            0.2893     0.0413     85.72
Soy Solv                   0.4111     0.3197     22.23
Soy Solv II                0.3262     0.2970      8.95
Soy Solv II Plus           0.4247     0.4147      2.35
Harvest Gold 2002          0.3457     0.1024     70.38
Soy Cleaner Kitchen/Bath   0.3146     0.3236     -2.86
Cleaner & Degreaser        0.2783     0.2779      0.14
Formula T                  0.1094     0.0807     26.23
SC Maxisolv                0.1845     0.1059     42.60
Eliminator                 0.1555     0.0418     73.12
Sea Wash Blue              0.4399     0.1369     68.88

Success Rating
Lab evaluation based on vendor data.

The products that showed good cleaning abilities in the preliminary testing phase will be evaluated further.