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Trial Report

Trial Number 3

(Client Number 155, Project Number 1)

Trial Purpose: Further evaluation of replacements in removing the 509 crystalbond.

Date Run: 08/15/01

Experiment Procedure:
Four cleaners from the previous trial were made into 30% solutions using DI water in 250 ml beakers. The cleaners
were heated to 140 F on a hot plate.
An additional four products were selected from vendor information. These solutions were used at 100% also at 140 F (except DS-108 which was at 90 F).
Twenty-four preweighed coupons were coated with Cyrstalbond 509 and weighed again. Three coupons were cleaned in each solution for 10, 30 and 20 minutes. Observations were made after each time period. Following the final cleaning, coupons were rinsed in DI water at room temperature and dried using air blow off. Clean weights were recorded and effiencies were calculated.

Trial Results
Only one of the previous cleaners was very successful in removing the crystalbond after the full cleaning cycle (60 minutes).  Alconox Luminox removed
over 70% and with an additional 20 minutes of soaking the efficiency jumped to 97%.  The other three products had lower efficiencies than the previous
Three of the four new cleaners which were evaluated produced the best cleaning efficiencies.  DuPont's DBE-4 removed 99.6%, Ecolink Safe Strip cleaned
98.97% and Shopmaster Buckeye had an efficiency of 94.83%.  These 
three products required less than the 60 minutes to achieve these efficiencies.  DuPont and Ecolink only needed 30 minutes and Buckeye required 35
The following table lists the efficiencies for each product and the observations made at each cleaning period.

Table 1 Results
Cleaner     Coupon 1  Coupon 2  Coupon 3  Average  10    30      20
Gemtek      -7.07         -9.12            7.59        -2.86       F     G        G 
Polychem  24.99        14.62          16.79       18.80       F     G        G
Amax         10.78        42.75          11.51       21.68       F/P OK     OK
DuPont      99.32        99.43        100.1         99.61      G/E  all clean
Alconox      69.71       80.45         64.31        71.49       F      G      G/E
Dynamold   50.12       81.63         62.60        64.78       OK   G      G
Ecolink       99.92       99.38         97.62        98.97       OK/G all clean
Buckeye   100.06       86.91         97.53       94.83        G/E all clean
Alconox+10  85.17     84.94         73.69       81.27
Alconox+20  94.22   100.07         98.19       97.49

E = Excellent     G = Good      OK = Okay     F = Fair    P = Poor

Success Rating
A follow up test, usually based on company input.

The four products that were successful (Luminox, DBE-4, Safe Strip and Shopmaster RC) will be used in the next trial to clean Crystalbond 590 under similar conditions.