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Trial Report

Trial Number 8

(Client Number 220, Project Number 1)

Trial Purpose: To evaluate one cleaner on all four contaminants using vapor degreasing

Date Run: 05/14/04

Experiment Procedure:
One product was selected base on client input from previous testing. The product was heated to boiling (160 F) in a vapor degreasing chamber on a hot plate.
Twelve preweighed aluminum coupons were coated four different contaminates, thee coupons per contaminant. Coupons were reweighed to determine the amount of soil added. The coupons were cleaned for 5 minutes in the vapor zone, then removed and allowed to cool to room temperature outside the chamber. Final weights were recorded and efficiencies were calculated.

The contaminants removed were: Soltex Polybutene 32 (9003-29-6)
Cargill, Inc Canola Oil (120962-03-0)
Nisseki SAS 40 oil (27776-01-8, 612-00-0, 103-29-7, 101-81-5)
C.P. Hall Co. Plasthall ESO oil (8013-07-8)

Trial Results
All four contaminants were removed using Ensolv in a vapor degreaser for five minutes. The table lists the amount of soil added, the amount remaining
and the efficiency for each coupon cleaned.

Contaminant         Initial wt        Final wt   % Removed
Soltex                   0.7328          0.0000        100.00
                             0.6829          0.0003          99.96
                             0.8973          0.0001          99.99
Cargill                    0.1078         -0.0002        100.19
                             0.1655          0.0010          99.40
                             0.1887         -0.0001        100.05
Nisseki                  0.0501          0.0008          98.40
                             0.0873          0.0002          99.77
                             0.0968         -0.0001        100.10
CP Hall                 0.4715         -0.0001        100.02
                             0.5001          0.0002          99.96
                             0.2575          0.0001          99.96

Success Rating
Results suggest a scale-up feasible match for cleaning chemistry and equipment. Pilot plant study with actual parts recommended.

Vapor degreasing with Ensolv appears to work very well on the four supplied soils. Piloting on actual parts should be performed at this time.