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Trial Report

Trial Number 1

(Client Number 236, Project Number 1)

Trial Purpose: To generate a list of alternatives for dissolving polystyrene.

Date Run: 01/03/05

Experiment Procedure:
Using the laboratory's database for solvent cleaning substitution, the lab generated a list of products based on similar testing situations.
Contaminant: Polystyrene scrap

Trial Results
Searching the database for resin cleaning resulted in the following products that have been tested successfully.

Company                           Product                                 Classification
Bio Chem Systems             Bio T 300 B                          Terpene-Semi-Aqueous
Bio Chem Systems             Bio T Max                             Terpene-Semi-Aqueous
Bio Chem Systems             Solsafe 245                           Petroleum Distillate
Chrisal USA Inc                 Super CMF 240                     Alkaline Aqueous
DuPont                              DBE                                      Ester
Ecolink                              Safe Strip                              Organic
Finger Lakes Chemical      Resineater                            Terpene
Gemtek Products              SC 1000                                Alkaline Aqueous
ISP Technologies             Ship Shape Resin Cleaner    Organic
Magnaflux                         Daraclean 232                      Alkaline Aqueous
Oakite Products                Inproclean 3800                    Alkaline Aqueous
Savogran Company          SI #4 Coating Remover         Organic
Solvent Kleene Inc           D Greeze 500 LO                  Organic
Tarksol Inc                       Tarksol HTF-50                     Semi-Aqueous

Success Rating
Technology Transfer.

Cleaning varies from case to case. The SSL recommends process specific testing on potential replacement cleaning chemicals. If more information is needed on a particular product or you are interested in conducting cleaning trials, please contact the lab at (978)934-3133.