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Trial Report

Trial Number 8

(Client Number 261, Project Number 1)

Trial Purpose: To clean supplied parts using drop-in vapor degreasing solvents.

Date Run: 07/09/07

Experiment Procedure:
Six drop-in vapor degreasing solvents were selected from the lab's on-line database,, based on product classification types and past performance on similar contaminants. Each solution was used at full strength at room temperature (68F) in a 300 ml glass beaker. Cleaning lasted for 5 minutes using no agitation. Parts were not rinsed and were air dried at room temperature prior to packaging, roughly 2 minutes. Parts were visually inspected to determine relative effectiveness.

Trial Results
Only two products left any kind of residue behind. Both 3M 7200 and Dow OS 30 left an oily film inside the copper cups. The 3M product left behind the
most oil. The other four products cleaned all parts with no visual problems.

After three days of sitting, observations were made to determine the amount of rusting that has occurred, if any, on the cleaned parts.

Product     Classifications                       Observations at 4 days
HFE 7200    Hydrofluroether (HFE)                 Some minor rusting
Lenium CP   n-Propyl Bromide-HFE mix              Minor rust spots
Ensolv      nPB                                   Some minor rusting
AK 225      Hydro Chloro Fluoro Carbon (HCFC)     No rusting
Vertrel MCA Hydro Fluoro Carbon (HFC)             No rusting
OS 30       Methyl Siloxane                       No rusting

Success Rating
Results suggest a scale-up feasible match for cleaning chemistry and equipment. Pilot plant study with actual parts recommended.

Four of the six products were effective in removing the various oils from the different parts that were supplied for cleaning.