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Trial Report

Trial Number 8

(Client Number 275, Project Number 1)

Trial Purpose: To evaluate supplied floor stripper at two concentrations on two supplied coated floor tiles with 4 and 7 coats of floor finish

Date Run: 09/06/07

Experiment Procedure:
The supplied floor stripper was diluted to 1:20 (5%) and 1:12 (8.3) concentrations using DI water as requested by client. Each solution was applied to a coated floor tile and allowed to soak for 8 minutes. Tiles were coated with J-Green 36 Finish
(20% solids) Non Zinc Floor finish. One tile had 4 coats and the second had 7 coats. The 1:20 dilution was tested on both the 4 and 7 coats and the 1:12 was only tested on the 7 coat tile.
After soaking, the coupons were scrubbed clean using a section of a floor stripping buffing pad. The pad was placed in a Gardner Straight Line washability unit and the unit was run for 50 oscillations. At the end of the scrubbing, the tile was blotted dry with a paper towel and then observed to determine the amount of finish remaining. If the tile was not completely stripped, additional stripper was applied and the unit was run for another 50 cycles. The total number of oscillations to remove the coatings were recorded as a measure of removability.

The method used followed the recommendations for GS 40 (which referenced ASTM D1792-06).

Trial Results
Both dilutions of the floor stripper worked well on the various coating levels. The 20:1 dilution needed only 50 cycles to remove the 4 coatings of
finish and 100 cycles for the 7 coat finish. The 12:1 dilution needed the 50 cycles to remove the 7 coats.

Dilution   #Coats    Observations                          GS-40/ASTM Ranking
20:1       4         50 cycles appeared to be enough       Excellent <50
                     Ran a second set of 50 cycles to
                     make certain all finish was removed
20:1       7         Needed more than the 50 cycles but    Good >50 but<100   
                     was complete after 100 cycles
12:1       7         All clear after 50 cycles             Excellent <50

Success Rating
Results successful using TACT (time, agitation, concentration, and temperature, as well as rinsing and drying) and/or other cleaning chemistries examined.

The 20:1 dilution was ranked as excellent on the 4 coats and good on the 7 coats. The 12:1 dilution was ranked as excellent on the 7 coats.