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Trial Report

Trial Number 13

(Client Number 318, Project Number 1)

Trial Purpose: To evaluate supplied products for rust removal

Date Run: 09/04/12

Experiment Procedure:
Aluminum coupons were selected based on the level of oxidation and grime remaining on the surface. Coupons that were not shiny and had visible grey areas were determined to be the best samples to take. Baseline gloss/color readings were made of the dirty coupons using a BYK Spectro Guide unit.

Three cleaning products were used at the provided concentration. Each was sprayed three to four times onto a reinforced paper towel. The soaked rag was then used to wipe the aluminum coupon for a 30 second period. At the end of the cleaning, a clean gloss/color reading was made. In addition, visual rankings were made to determine which product worked the best.

Trial Results
The T110 product and the T Minus Zero L were visually found to have the best effect on the oxidized surface following the cleaning process. The T
Minus Zero C showed little improvement on gloss readings. The table lists the initial and final gloss readings for each of the coupons cleaned for the
three products.
The T Minus Zero L product had the greatest increase in gloss readings, averaging about an 8 point increase. The other two products had increases of
7.4 (T110) and 2.8 (T Minus Zero C). These changes were comparable to the visual rankings made as well. The table lists the gloss meter readings, the
difference and the average increase in gloss readings.

Oxide removal    Set 1                 Set 2                 Set 3       		 Ave
                 Initial Final  Diff   Initial Final  Diff   Initial  Final  Diff      
T110             69.73   74.52  4.79   66.96  76.20   9.24   64.88    73.03  8.15   7.39
T Minus Zero C   77.43   78.39  0.96   70.63  75.16   4.53   NT       NT     NT     2.75
T Minus Zero L   70.90   78.91  8.01   69.16  76.39   7.23   67.5     76.15  8.65   7.96
NT = not tested

Success Rating
A follow up test, usually based on company input.

A follow up test on heavily rusted surface will be run to determine level of oxide/grime removal.