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Trial Report

Trial Number 2

(Client Number 32, Project Number 2)

Trial Purpose: Further evaluation to separate the leaded glass from the unleaded glass with out using Nitric Acid

Date Run: 10/19/98

Experiment Procedure:
The back tip of the monitor was broken off to release the vacuum. The part was placed into a bath of Citrinox (2%) at 150 F. The monitor was left in the heated bath for four minutes. At the end of this cycle, the monitor was placed into a tap water bath at room temperature for two minutes. The part was returned to the first Citrinox bath for another four minutes. The hot acid~cool water cycle was repeated for four times.
SUBSTRATE MATERIAL: Monitor screens with leaded and unleaded glass
CONTAMINANTS: Frit and adhesive

Trial Results
After the fourth cycle, the monitor had not shown any signs of separation.  The monitor was allowed to sit in the heated Citrinox bath for ten
minutes.  From the extended hot bath, the monitor was placed into a room temperature water bath.  At this point a popping sound was heard and a crack
had formed.  A second extended hot bath soak resulted in the separation of the screen.  The only problem was the separation did not form at the
desired location.

Success Rating
A follow up test, usually based on company input.

Due to the undesired crack location, the next phase of testing will involve a prescoring of the monitors along the desired interface. Further testing may involve using only hot and cold water instead of the acidic cleaner now being tested.