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Trial Report

Trial Number 1

(Client Number 323, Project Number 1)

Trial Purpose: To evaluate supplied equipment for all purpose cleaning as compared to a conventional cleaning product.

Date Run: 09/21/09

Experiment Procedure:
The supplied cleaning equipment and product were used at the delivered concentrations. Preweighed ceramic, plastic and painted steel coupons were coated with Hucker's Soil Formulation (Jif Creamy Peanut Butter 9.2%, Salted Butter 9.2%, Arrowhead Mills stone ground wheat flour 9.2%, Egg Yolk 9.2%, Evaporated milk 13.8%, Distilled water 45.8%, Printer's ink with boiled linseed oil 0.9%, Shaws saline solution 2.7%) using a hand held swab and allowed to dry for 24 hours at room temperature. The contaminated coupons were weighed again to determine the amount of soil added.

Three coupons were placed into a Gardner Straight Line Washability unit. A microfiber cloth was attached to the cleaning sled and soaked with 5-7 sprays of cleaning solutions. Each coupon was sprayed 7-10 times with the same cleaning solution. The solution was allowed to penetrate for 30 seconds followed by cleaning in the SLW unit for 20 cycles (~33 seconds). At the end of the cleaning, coupons were wiped once with a dry paper towel. Final weights were recorded and efficiencies were calculated and recorded.

Trial Results
The supplied equipment that generates activated water worked better the cleaning product supplied for comparison. Each cleaning process had trouble
cleaning the cermamic surfaces in the 30 seconds of cleaning that took place. 

Cleaner Initial wt   Final wt     % Removed
Activeion ceramic                        
        0.2807        0.1108        60.53
        0.2212        0.0559        74.73
        0.0994        0.0346        65.19
Activeion painted steel                        
        0.2034        0.0138        93.22
        0.1518        0.0122        91.96
        0.1010        0.0106        89.50
Activeion plastic                        
        0.1621        0.0277        82.91
        0.1055        0.0032        96.97
        0.0942        0.0032        96.60
Alpha HP ceramic                        
        0.1995        0.0758        62.01
        0.2051        0.0556        72.89
        0.1519        0.0528        65.24
Alpha HP painted steel                        
        0.0278        0.0106        61.87
        0.1121        0.0218        80.55
        0.1088        0.0130        88.05
Alpha HP plastic                        
        0.0828        0.0017        97.95
        0.1586        0.0138        91.30
        0.1675        0.0178        89.37

Success Rating
A follow up test, usually based on company input.

Neither product achieved an average of 85% removal for the all purpose soil. The Activeion unit was able to remove more than 90% on two of the three surfaces and had an overall average greater than the product selected for comparison.