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Trial Report

Trial Number 3

(Client Number 323, Project Number 1)

Trial Purpose: To evaluate supplied equipment for white board cleaning as compared to conventional products.

Date Run: 09/28/09

Experiment Procedure:
A red Expo dry erase marker color was used to color in a 4 inch square section of a white-board. The red square was then aged accelerated by using a Master Appliance heat gun operating at the low setting (300 F) from 8-9? above the surface. This resulted in a surface temperature around 170 ? 190 F. The heat was applied for 5 minutes.

After aging, the marker was wiped from the surface with a single pass using a dry paper towel. Then the cleaning product was applied to surface (2-3 sprays or 2-3 seconds of delivery). The wet surface was then wiped using a fresh white paper towel and cleaned for a maximum of 30 seconds. A second application of cleaner was delivered only if the surface becomes dry during the wiping. Visual observations were made of the white-board and the paper towel to determine how effective the cleaning product was. The procedure was repeated for a total of three sections of the white-board. Products were ranked against the others by at least three staff members.

Trial Results
Based on visual observations by a panel of three lab staffers, All three products removed a portion of the aged dry erase marker from the white-board
using a paper towel. No product removed all of the ink. The conventional product made by the same company that makes the markers had the most removal
followed by isopropyl alcohol. The Activeion had the least amount of dry ink removal. Rankings are listed in the table below. Pictures of the surfaces
cleaned are included along with the used paper towels.

Product       Ranking A  B  C
Activeion             3  3  3
Expo                  1  1  1
IPA                   2  2  2

Success Rating
A follow up test, usually based on company input.

The Activeion unit did remove residue from the aged dry erase ink on the white-board. Levels removed were less than the conventional product.