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Trial Report

Trial Number 4

(Client Number 323, Project Number 1)

Trial Purpose: To evaluate supplied cleaning equipment for stainless steel polish as compared to conventional products

Date Run: 09/29/09

Experiment Procedure:
Nine precleaned coupons were measured using a Spectro Guide Gloss-Color meter from BYK Gardner to evaluate gloss. Baseline gloss readings of the surface were taken in five locations on stainless steel coupons. Coupons were then contaminated with finger oils from three lab staff members. Gloss readings were taken a second time. Cleaning products were then sprayed onto the surface, wiped off with a micro fiber cloth attached to a Garnder Straight-line washability unit and cleaned for 5 cycles. Coupons were then dried with a single pass using a fresh micro fiber cloth. Gloss readings were taken again in the same five locations. The difference in gloss-color was then compared to determine effectiveness. In addition, visual observations were made by at least three lab staff members to determine effectiveness.

Trial Results
The conventional product resulted in the greatest increase in gloss increase following removal of the stainless steel coupons. Based on gloss meter
readings, Activeion had the lowest increase in gloss (lower than water). However there was still an increase in gloss (20% increase) from the initial
level readings. The table lists the measurements made for initial, dirty and final readings.

Product       Initial  Ave     Dirty   Ave    Final   Ave   Delta Gloss   % increase
Activeion     40.7     37. 7   49.6    36.0   29.4    45.2     7.53         20
              37.6             34.2           42.5                        
              34.7             24.2           63.7                        
Sheila Shine  25.7     33. 2   40.2    35.6   74.5    84.9    51.77        156
              31.4             39.3           79.5                        
              42.4             27.3          100.8                        
Water         36.6     50.4    34.5    49.6   64.1    64.9    14.57         29
              38.0             23.0           56.4                        
              76.5             91.2           74.3                        

Visual observations showed that the Activeion cleaned coupons looked the cleanest, free of smudges or other dust particles. Observations and ranking
by three lab staff are listed in the next table.

Product      Visual Observations           Ranking A        B        C
Activeion    Surface looked free of any            1        1        1
             residual fingerprints/oil 
             following wipe cleaning.        
             Coupons had a brighter look to them                        
Shiela Shine Surface was free of any               3        2        3
             residual fingerprints/oil 
             following wipe cleaning.        
             However, surface had significant
             film left behind from the polish.                        
             Overnight the surface was still wet
             and had started collecting dust particles.                         
             Strong odor when product was applied during cleaning.                        
Water        Some signs of fingerprints/oil         2        3        2
             smudges after cleaning        
             Surface was not as bright as the Activeion cleaned coupons

Success Rating
A follow up test, usually based on company input.

The Activeion product was effective at removing finger oils from a stainless steel surface using manual wiping. The process improved the shine/gloss by 20 percent.