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Trial Report

Trial Number 5

(Client Number 323, Project Number 1)

Trial Purpose: To evaluate dry erase white board cleaning

Date Run: 09/29/09

Experiment Procedure:
A red dry erase marker was used to color two 4 inch wide strips across a white-board. Each strip was wiped with a single pass using a paper towel. Following removal of the easy to remove ink, the surface was sprayed with cleaning product and wiped using white paper towel until board is free of marker residue or no additional marker was able to be removed. Observations were made as to the appearance of the white-board and the paper towel wipes.

Trial Results
As was the case with the aged dry erase marker removal test, all three products removed the red residue from the surface of the white-board. The
conventional product was found to be the best product and both the Activeion and IPA had the same overall rankings. Rankings are listed in the table
and pictures of the white-board and towels are in the table that follows the rankings. 

Cleaner      Rank A   B   C   Ave
Activeion         3   2   2    2.3
Expo              1   1   1    1
IPA               2   3   2    2.3

Success Rating
A follow up test, usually based on company input.

Activeion was found to be as effective at removing dry erase marker from the white-board surface as isopropanol was.