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Trial Report

Trial Number 1

(Client Number 368, Project Number 2)

Trial Purpose: To evaluate effects of cleaners on painted products for stain removal or cleaning purposes.

Date Run: 06/16/14

Experiment Procedure:
The coupons was coated with Gidden Ceiling interior paint with matte sheen and allowed to dry for approximately 1 hour. After drying another coat was applied to the coupon and allowed to dry for another hour. The last coat was put on the coupons and allowed to dry for another hour. The coupons were sprayed with the specified cleaner below until the coupon was entirely covered with a small layer of liquid. After 15 minutes the coupons was blotted dry. Lastly pictures were taken to evaluate texture and visual removal of the paint.

Trial Results
The coupons that had TSP Substitute applied showed visual evidence of the painting wearing off the surface. Evidence of change in paint was in the
form of bubbles on the surface and paint peeling off of surfaace. The other two products did not have noticeable changes to the surface. The gloss
readings did not reveal any changes in the surface either. In most instances the gloss readings increased. When evaluating the L values (black-white
scale), the TSP substitute reduced the whiteness of the surface more than Motsenbocker and Envirocare products.

Substrate          Coupon #  Cleaners  L* Initial  G* Initial  L* Final    G* Final
VCT Painted Tiles  1         1         90.42         2         88.09         3.5
                   2         1         90.92         2         87.7          3.3
                   3         1         90.82         2         83.82         2.9
                   4         2         90.78         2         86.72         1.9
                   31        2         90.81         1.9       87.15         1.9
                   5         2         90.21         2         88.41         2.0
                   11        3         90.82         2         87.18         2.6
                   6         3         91.06         2         88.44         2.3
                   38        3         90.94         2         90.27         2.3

Success Rating
Results successful using TACT (time, agitation, concentration, and temperature, as well as rinsing and drying) and/or other cleaning chemistries examined.

Product 1 was found to be effect the painted products. The two other cleaning products supplied for testing had no visual change in surface characteristic s.