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Trial Report

Trial Number 3

(Client Number 368, Project Number 2)

Trial Purpose: To analyze how affective it dulls the contaminant from the surface of floor tiles.

Date Run: 07/08/14

Experiment Procedure:
Nine floor tiles were coated twice with latex enamel satin black colored. The coating was let to dry for a day before testing the ease of removability of the latex enamel from the floor tile with the chosen cleaner products. Each cleaner were given three coupons for testing. The cleaners were applied onto the coupons with a standard spray bottle with three sprays on each individual coupon and let soaked for fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes of soaking the coupons were pat dried manually with a paper towel.

Trial Results
Cleaner                                L*            L*            L*          L*
TSP Liquid Substrate         1         25.59         25.99          1.56       1.25
TSP Liquid Substrate         2         25.45         25.79          1.34         
TSP Liquid Substrate         3         25.49         25.71          0.86         
TSP All Surface Paint Prep   4         25.57         27.40          7.16      30.40
TSP All Surface Paint Prep   5         25.56         28.58         11.82         
TSP All Surface Paint Prep   6         25.61         44.11         72.24         
Moldex Paint Prep            7         25.60         25.79          0.74       0.27
Moldex Paint Prep            8         25.61         25.55         -0.23         
Moldex Paint Prep            9         25.58         25.66          0.31

Success Rating
Results successful using TACT (time, agitation, concentration, and temperature, as well as rinsing and drying) and/or other cleaning chemistries examined.

TSP All Surface was the most effective remover of the paint but it also led to paint chipping on the tiles. Moldex paint prep and TSP liquid substitute did not exhibit significant dullness after a manual towel pat down.