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Trial Report

Trial Number 0

(Client Number 63, Project Number 1)

Trial Purpose: Listing of succesful trials for specific products.

Date Run: 03/12/98

Experiment Procedure:
QUESTION ASKED: Want to know if any of their products have been used successfully in the lab recently.

Trial Results
RESPONSE/ANSWER: In 1998, the Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI) will publish the results of the tests conducted at the Institutes
Surface Cleaning Laboratory (SCL) in a searchable database/spreadsheet format.  This should make alternative cleaner selection faster and easier. 
Here are the results of your query, based on the information supplied:

SCL #             Substrate  Contaminant           Mechanism
96-419-04-2    SS            COATING               IMMERSION
96-429-01-2    STEEL      GREASE                IMMERSION
96-429-02-2*   STEEL      GREASE                IMMERSION
96-429-02-2*   STEEL      OIL                         IMMERSION
96-429-02-2*   STEEL      TAR                       IMMERSION
97-538-04-2     SS             COATING             IMMERSION
97-539-03-4     SS             LUBRICANT         ULTRASONICS
98-557-01-2     AL              DIRT                    ULTRASONICS
98-557-01-2     AL              DUST                   ULTRASONICS
98-557-01-2     AL              FINGERPRINTS   ULTRASONICS
98-557-01-2     AL              OIL                        ULTRASONICS
98-557-01-2     STEEL       DIRT                     ULTRASONICS
98-557-01-2     STEEL       DUST                    ULTRASONICS
98-557-01-2     STEEL       OIL                        ULTRASONICS
98-559-01-1     AL-OXIDE  INK                        IMMERSION
98-559-01-1     AL-OXIDE  PAINT                   IMMERSION

Success Rating
Technology Transfer.

Cleaning projects vary from case-to-case. Reports for the most recent testing have been included. To obtain more detailed information about any of the other listed trials, have the SCL # ready when contacting the lab at (978)934-3133.