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Trial Report

Trial Number 0

(Client Number 73, Project Number 1)

Trial Purpose: Aqueous solution to remove acrylic adhesive

Date Run: 06/22/98

Experiment Procedure:
SUBSTRATE MATERIAL: Plastic-polystyrene
QUESTION ASKED: Working on a project that requires the removal of acrylic based adhesive from a polystyrene surface. The polystyrene can not be degraded in any way. Do you have any ideas of what kind of aqueous solution will be able to do this?

Trial Results
RESPONSE/ANSWER: In 1998, the Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI) will publish the results of the tests conducted at the Institutes
Surface Cleaning Laboratory (SCL) in a searchable database/spreadsheet format.  This should make alternative cleaner selection faster and easier. 
Table 1 contains the results of your query, based on the information supplied:

SCL #            Cleaner
97-541-01-1   LOCTITE
97-541-01-1   BRULIN
97-541-02-2   TSQUARE
97-541-02-2    ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL
97-541-02-2    EASTERN COLOR
98-541-03-2    ENVIROSOLUTIONS
98-541-03-2    SOLVENT KLEENE
98-541-03-2    OAKITE

Also, in addition to the trials conducted at SCL, the Table 2 contains cleaners which may be able to remove adhesives from plastic substrates.

Company Name-Product Name--Classification
Alconox Inc-Luminox--Aqueous
Brulin Corporation-Compliance--Alkaline Aqueous
Chrisal USA-Super CMF 240--Alkaline Aqueous
EMKAY-Safety Wash--Alkaline Aqueous
EMKAY-Safety Wash Clear--Akaline Aqueous
Gemtek Products-SC1000--Non-ionic Surfactant System
Loctite Corporation-7360--Aliphatic Ester
Occidental Chemical Corp-Oxsol 100--Chlorobenzotrifluoride
Star Cleaning Miracle Inc-Star Cleaning Miracle #50--Alkaline Aqueous
T-Square Inc-HTF 10 B--Alkaline Aqueous Terpene
T-Square Inc-HTF 50--Semi Aqueous Terpene
T-Square Inc-HTF 85 B--Terpene Solvent
US Polychem-87 RB--Petroleum Distillates

Success Rating
Technology Transfer.

Cleaning projects vary from case-to-case. To obtain more detailed information about any of the listed trials, have the SCL # ready when contacting the lab at (978)934-3133.