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Trial Number 6

Trial Purpose:

To evaluate client requested cleaners based on Vendor supplied information.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

The cleaners used were diluted to 5% using DI water in 600 ml beakers. Cleaning of the coupons was performed using stir-bar agitation at 130 F for five minutes. Coupons were rinsed using tap water at 120 F for two minutes and dried at room temperature for two hours. Gravimetric analysis was used to determine effectiveness.

SUBSTRATE MATERIAL: Table 1 lists the coupons materials used
Table 1. Substrates

Aluminum 202-2024 T-3
  202-7075 T-6
Stainless Steel 202-410 B-85
Brass 202-260
Cold Rolled Steel 202-1020

CONTAMINANTS: Table 2 lists the contaminants and their CAS#s
Table 2. Contaminants Used

Contaminant CAS #      
oil 64741-89-5 64742-53-6 64741-44-2  
lubricant 64742-57-0 8052-42-4 64742-62-7 64742-47-8
grease 64742-47-8      

CONTAMINATING PROCESS USED: All contaminants were applied to coupons using handheld swabs.

Trial Results:

The Mirachem 500 that is kept in-stock at the laboratory was the most effective in removing all three contaminants tested. The Ready-to-Use Mirachem 500 and the Solution 2000 did not perform as well at removing the lubricant. The RTU Mirachem 500 may have already been diluted before testing, thus showing lower results. The lubricant on the coupons cleaned by Solution 2000 was a little thicker due to sitting on the benchtop overnight. The Solution 2000 might have done better using new lubricant.
Table 4 lists the cleaning results obtained for the three cleaning solutions and the three contaminants.

Table 4. Cleaning Results

Company Name Product Name Contaminant CAS # Efficiency
Ensolve Biosystems Grease Feast oil 64741-89-5 94
    grease 64742-47-8 100
    lubricant 64742-47-8 88
United Laboratories United 2002 Harvest Gold oil 64741-89-5 66
    oil 64742-53-6 66
    oil 64741-44-2 66
    lubricant 8052-42-4 -12
    lubricant 64742-57-0 -12
    lubricant 64742-62-7 -12
    grease 64742-47-8 65
United Laboratories United 450 All Clear oil 64741-89-5 95
    oil 64742-53-6 95
    oil 64741-44-2 95
    lubricant 64742-57-0 91
    lubricant 8052-42-4 91
    lubricant 64742-62-7 91
    grease 64742-47-8 100

Success Rating:

A follow up test, usually based on company input.


The in-stock Mirachem 500 was the superior product according to the results obtained, because it worked on all three contaminants.  The 99% removal of oil and 94% removal of grease indicate the Ready-to-Use Mirachem 500 might be the better product if it is used straight from the spray bottle (to be conducted at a later date).  Higher concentrations of Solution 2000 may produce better results.

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