About CleanerSolutions

Why are we doing this? 

A simple solution for solvent cleaning is hard to come by. There are no “Silver Bullets”.

The TURI Lab goal: to assist in the search for safer cleaning processes by identifying, developing and promoting safer alternatives to hazardous solvents.

Designed with the capability to evaluate the effectiveness of different cleaning chemistries and equipment for a variety of surfaces and contaminants.

CleanerSolutions was created to provide easy access to more than 30 years of testing information. 

It provides users with many search methods. These methods are separated into two main areas:

The database links performance evaluations to specific testing parameters and environmental assessments performed at the lab.

Field-searchable by:

Remember: Cleaning varies from case to case!

We utilize process specifics during lab testing, followed up by pilot testing in the field on any potential replacement cleaning chemicals.

If you need more information on a particular product or you are interested in having us help you with testing:

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