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Trial Number 0

Trial Purpose:

To find a replacement for xylene in cleaning negative photoresist from equipment used to coat wafers.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Eight cleaning products were selected based on vendor information and from the lab’s Effective Test Conditions Database based on past cleaning trials. Two products were used at full strength and the other six were diluted to 10% by volume using DI water in 600 mL beakers. Cleaning was performed at room temperature.
Twenty-four preweighed coupons were contaminated with an excess amount of the negative photoresist and weighed again. Three coupons were placed into a beaker and cleaned for ten minutes using stir-bar-agitation. At the end of the cleaning, coupons were rinsed in a tap water bath for 30 seconds at 120 F and allowed to air dry for one hour. Final weights were recorded and cleaning efficiencies determined.
SUBSTRATE MATERIAL: Aluminum Coupons (202-1100 H-14)
CONTAMINANTS: Olin HNR 120 Negative Photoresist (CAS#s: 1330-20-7 [65-70%]; 100-41-4 [15-18%]; 68441-13-4 [9-15%]; 5284-79-7 [0.1-0.6%])
CONTAMINATING PROCESS USED: Coupons were coated with contaminant using a hand held swab and allowed to sit for one hour.

Trial Results:

Most of the cleaners were moderately successful in cleaning a majority of the contaminant from the coupons. Efficiencies ranged from ~63 to 76%, with Envirosolutions being the lowest and Kyzen the highest. Table 2 lists the cleaning efficiencies for each of the eight cleaners tested.

Table 2. Cleaning Results

Cleaner Brulin Envirosolutions Fine Organics Oakite T-Square Gemtek Kyzen Loctite
Coupon 1 70.43 64.77 70.20 59.20 70.44 69.27 73.81 73.54
Coupon 2 72.34 65.66 77.16 68.95 70.19 73.21 75.47 74.60
Coupon 3 72.08 64.29 71.68 60.40 68.35 74.12 77.68 73.61
Ave 71.62 64.90 73.01 62.85 69.66 72.20 75.65 73.92

Success Rating:

Results successful using TACT (time, agitation, concentration, and temperature, as well as rinsing and drying) and/or other cleaning chemistries examined.


Having obtained moderate success with the short cleaning time, a follow up test will be run with a longer cleaning time.  All other parameters will be kept the same.

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