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Trial Number 1

Trial Purpose:

To determine if a longer soak would aid in the removal of the contaminant.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

The same eight cleaning products were selected for testing. The temperature was ambient conditions and the cleaning times were 3 and 8 hours.
Twenty-four preweighed coupons were contaminated with an excess amount of the negative photoresist and weighed again. Three coupons were placed into a beaker and cleaned for ten minutes using stir-bar-agitation. At the end of the cleaning, coupons were rinsed in a tap water bath for 30 seconds at 120 F and allowed to air dry over night. Final weights were recorded and cleaning efficiencies determined.
SUBSTRATE MATERIAL: Aluminum Coupons (202-1100 H-14)
CONTAMINANTS: Olin HNR 120 Negative Photoresist (CAS#s: 1330-20-7 [65-70%]; 100-41-4 [15-18%]; 68441-13-4 [9-15%]; 5284-79-7 [0.1-0.6%])
CONTAMINATING PROCESS USED: Coupons were coated with contaminant using a hand held swab and allowed to sit for one hour.

Trial Results:

The results from additional cleaning did not improve very much for any of the cleaners. Observations were made that two of the cleaners, Envirosolution’s Bio-T Max and Oakite’s Inproclean 4000 T, had softened the contaminant to the point that the contaminant could be wiped off. A third cleaner, Brulin’s Compliance, caused the contaminant to be peeled off. Table 2 lists the efficiencies of all three cleaning times and the observations made.

Table 2. Cleaning Efficiencies at the Cleaning Intervals

  Brulin Enviro Fine Org Oakite T-Square Gemtek Kyzen Loctite
10 min 71.62 64.9 73.01 62.85 69.66 72.2 75.65 73.92
180 min 75.3 65.15 73.98 68.67 72.6 76.8 76.95 76.22
480 min 75.77 65.1 74.36 68.05 72.78 74.72 77.57 76.68
Comments peel wipe wipe          

Success Rating:

A follow up test, usually based on company input.


The three cleaners which altered the contaminant to the point of easy removal will be tested again at full strength.  The other five cleaners may be retested also at full strength depending upon the results of the other three cleaners.

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