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Trial Number 2

Trial Purpose:

To find the best fit product for cleaning Leach Garner’s #4 Master draw 419TT from copper and stainless steel surfaces meant to resemble the cleaning of precious metals.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Coupons of stainless steel and copper were selected and arranged on trays, so that each cleaner had an assigned set of each surface. Before taking initial weights coupons were wiped down with Kimwipes. After taking weights the coupons were promptly soiled and reweighed. All cleaners were gathered in respective bottles and beakers. A stir bar was used in conjunction with a heating plate equipped to stir the solutions. The plates were preheated to about 40°C and thermometers were kept in them to monitor the temperature, except Honeywell’s Solstice PF which boils at room temperature and was kept at about 20°C. The coupons were added to the beakers three of a kind at one time, and then allowed to sit in the heated stirred solution for 15 minutes, in 5 minute increments while observations were taken. Finally, clean weights were taken at the end of all the testing.

Trial Results:

Cleaner Substrate Initial wt. Final wt. % Cont Removed  % Overall
Fluosolv CX Stainless Steel 0.2931 0.0011 99.62  
Fluosolv CX Stainless Steel 0.2286 0.0016 99.3 99.54
Fluosolv CX Stainless Steel 0.3030 0.0009 99.7  
Fluosolv CX Copper 0.2231 0.0245 89.02  
Fluosolv CX Copper 0.2441 0.0233 90.45 89.28
Fluosolv CX Copper 0.2419 0.0281 88.38  
Fluosolv NC Stainless Steel 0.2847 0.0331 88.36  
Fluosolv NC Stainless Steel 0.2649 0.0282 89.35 89.19
Fluosolv NC Stainless Steel 0.2456 0.0249 89.86  
Fluosolv NC Copper 0.2372 0.0390 83.56  
Fluosolv NC Copper 0.2671 0.0433 83.79 82.91
Fluosolv NC Copper 0.2471 0.0460 81.38  
Vetrel Sion Stainless Steel 0.2554 0.0004 99.84  
Vetrel Sion Stainless Steel 0.2622 0.0002 99.92 99.59
Vertel Sion Stainless Steel 0.3239 0.0003 99.91  
Vertrel Sion Copper 0.2556 0.0020 99.22  
Vertrel Sion Copper 0.2701 0.0006 99.78 99.66
Vertrel Sion Copper 0.2637 0.0000 100.00  
Honeywell PF Stainless Steel 0.2564 0.0987 61.51  
Honeywell PF Stainless Steel 0.2636 0.1024 61.15 62.10
Honeywell PF Stainless Steel 0.2849 0.1063 63.64  
Honeywell PF Copper 0.2513 0.1274 49.30  
Honeywell PF Copper 0.2275 0.1025 54.95 54.01
Honeywell PF Copper 0.1951 0.0726 57.78  

Success Rating:

Results successful using TACT (time, agitation, concentration, and temperature, as well as rinsing and drying) and/or other cleaning chemistries examined.


The addition of heat, significantly improved the results from the previous round of testing. While before none of the cleaners cleaned well, visually, with heat at least two performed well. The FluoSolv CX being one of these, only worked on the stainless steel given that it left a substantial amount of white residue behind on the copper surfaces. The only one that worked well on both substrates was Vertrel Sion which was able to remove most of the contaminant, leaving behind little to no residue. The worst cleaner was again Honeywell’s Solstice PF which did not visibly remove any contaminant, mostly just turned it a white-green color. Lastly, FluoSolv NC did not perform nearly as well as FluoSolv CX or Vertrel Sion, but did have some peeling and debris with stainless steel. It can be concluded that the best cleaner for this task was Vertrel Sion, because it was able to perform well for both substrates.

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