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Trial Number 0

Trial Purpose:

To evaluate products for corrosion potential of steel drums.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

The four products were selected based on environmental indicators for potential replacement cleaners in parts cleaning. Non diluted solutions were poured into 600 ml beakers. Three preweighed steel coupons were placed into each product. The coupons soaked at room temperature for five days. During the time period, observations were made about the surface condition of the coupons. At the end of the five days, coupons were removed from the beakers and photographs were taken using a Kodak digital science DC260 Zoom Camera and observations were recorded. Following the initial photograph, coupons were rinsed in tap water for 30 seconds and wiped dry with paper towel. A second picture was taken and final weights were measured. The chemistries used are listed in Table 1.

Table 1. Cleaning Products
Envirosolutions, Inc. Bio T V-50
Ensolve Systems Grease Feast
North Atlantic Bio-Industries NAB 9000
Hazwell ForBest Sea Wash 8


Trial Results:

Figure 1 displays the three stages of the corrosion testing.

Figure 1.  Coupon Conditions

Pre-soak V-50 Grease Feast NAB 9000 Sea Wash 8
With Out Rinse V-50 Grease Feast NAB 9000 Sea Wash 8
With Rinse V-50 Grease Feast NAB 9000 Sea Wash 8

The V-50 and Sea Wash 8 were the only ones to not show visible signs of damaging the steel coupons.  The NAB 9000 formed a white residue on the coupons within one day of soaking.  Grease Feast generated a yellow residue after five days.

Gravimetric analysis revealed that all four cleaners lowered the weights of the coupons.  The V-50 was caused the greatest weight change.  However, the weight changes did not appear to be the result of any damage to the parts.  In fact, the coupons looked cleaner after soaking in the V-50 and Sea Wash 8 products.  Table 2 lists the pre- and post-weights of the steel coupons for all four cleaners.

Table 2.  Corrosion Test Weights  

Cleaner Coupon Initial Weight Final Weight Weight Loss
V-50 9 32.0396 31.8458 0.1938
  10 31.8058 31.5355 0.2703
  11 31.9825 31.7037 0.2788
Grease Feast 13 31.9642 31.948 0.0162
  14 32.1115 32.0968 0.0147
  15 32.0391 32.029 0.0101
NAB 9000 16 31.952 31.9189 0.0331
  17 32.0899 32.0521 0.0378
  18 32.2124 32.1770 0.0354
Sea Wash 8 19 32.1251 32.0903 0.0348
  20 31.7378 31.7150 0.0228
  21 31.9352 31.9073 0.0279

Success Rating:

A follow up test, usually based on company input.


From the visual observations made, both Envirosolutions V-50 and ForBest Sea Wash 8 did not cause damage to the steel surfaces.  Ensolve Systems Grease Feast and North Atlantic Bio Systems NAB 9000 were not compatible with steel for extended periods of time.

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