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Trial Number 2

Trial Purpose:

To evaluate products for corrosion potential of steel drums.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

One product was selected based on environmental indicators for potential replacement cleaners in parts cleaning. Two dilutions, 100% and 5% were poured into 600 ml beakers. Three preweighed, prephotographed steel coupons were placed into each product. The coupons soaked at room temperature for five days. During the time period, observations were made about the surface condition of the coupons. At the end of the five days, coupons were removed from the beakers and photographs were taken using a Kodak digital science DC260 Zoom Camera and observations were recorded. Following the photograph, coupons were rinsed in tap water for 30 seconds and wiped dry with paper towel. A final picture was taken and final weights were measured.


Trial Results:

Figure 1 displays the three stages of the corrosion testing.
Figure 1. Coupon Conditions
Presoak After Soak After Wash

Both cleaning solutions caused changes in the appearance of the coupons after soaking. As seen in Figure 1, the 100% solution made the coupons become very dark in color and only lightened slightly after it was rinsed in tap water. The 5% solution started forming white deposits on the coupons. Both solutions resulted in a slight weight loss. Table 2 lists the changes in weight before and after rinsing.

Table 2. Weight Changes

Hurrisafe 5% Hurrisafe 100%
Initial Wt Final Wt Wt loss Initial Wt Final Wt Wt loss
32.079 32.0592 0.0198 32.0648 31.996 0.0688
32.0111 32.008 0.0031 32.0702 31.954 0.1162
31.8739 31.8727 0.0012 31.7082 31.6232 0.0850
32.0790 32.0540 0.0250 32.0648 31.9887 0.0761
32.0111 31.9874 0.0237 32.0702 31.9343 0.1359
31.8739 31.8509 0.0230 31.7082 31.6127 0.0955
white crust developed coupons darkened

Success Rating:

A follow up test, usually based on company input.


Hurrisafe 9450 resulted in an effective compatibility with the steel coupons.

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