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Trial Number 4

Trial Purpose:

Test the effectiveness of Stasol ESS 160 against Toluene on adhesives.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Twelve pre-weighed stainless steel coupons, two for each adhesive, were soiled for each contaminant tested. Approximately 0.25 g of the soil was applied using a hand held swab. Each set of coupons were manually wiped with a cloth of the same material, one dipped into unheated Sta-Sol® ESS 160 100% and another in Toluene. During this process, any noticeable soil removal was observed and recorded. Coupons were allowed were wiped with a paper towel to ensure no residue of the cleaner, and afterwards final weights were recorded. The efficiency of removal was calculated for each coupon cleaned.

Trial Results:

Stasol struggled to remove the adhesive AC-059. Although it was almost as effective as Toluene at removing AC-054 and minorly more effective at removing AC-163, it overall was less effective than Toluene.

Cleaner Substrate/Contaminant Initial wt of cont. Final wt of cont. %Cont Removed Average % Removal Overall % Removal
Stasol 100% AC-059 (Phenolic) 0.2310 0.1681 27.23 26.13 63.39
0.3808 0.2855 25.03
AC-054 (Silicone) 0.2709 0.0372 86.27 90.03
0.2546 0.0158 93.79
AC-163 (Acrylic) 0.2465 0.0701 71.56 74.01
0.2638 0.0621 76.46
Toluene 100% AC-059 (Phenolic) 0.4260  0.0036    99.15 98.95 87.51
0.5393 0.0068 98.74
AC-054 (Silicone) 0.2207 0.0281 87.27 91.60
0.3302 0.0134 95.94
AC-163 (Acrylic) 0.2504 0.1063 57.55 71.98
0.2341 0.0318 86.42

Success Rating:

Test showed little or no promise.


Stasol ESS 160 was not on par with Toluene for adhesive removal and is considered a non-ideal replacement. The next trial(s) will test a list of HSPiP solvents for their effectiveness against the adhesives provided and narrow down possible replacements for Toluene. 

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