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Trial Number 158

Trial Purpose:

Laboratory evaluations of alternative cleaning products

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Cleaning: 5 min Immersion cleaning with stirbar agitation @ 120 F
Rinsing: 1/2 min, manual, in 102 F water (tap)
Drying : 1 min with heatgun @ 500F
Contaminant: Aroset PS 8078, Ashlan Chemical (Lot# 071901). Very thick adhesive
CAS#'s 141-78-6 Et

Trial Results:

278 Super Solv: Contaminant either adsorbed water or the cleaner reacted with the adhesive and deposited on the coupon.

Dirtex: Like 2878 supersolve, the coupons in this cleaner picked up significant weight. The cleaner could have reacted with the contaminant or it could have facilitated the adoption of water into the contaminant.

FO 2085 M: A large increase in weight was observed in all three coupons in the trial for this cleaner. Explanations could be absorption of cleaner or water into or onto the adhesive or chemical reaction between the cleaner and adhesive

Success Rating:

Preliminary compatibility tests on substrate coupons encouraging for at least one cleaning chemistry. More in-depth laboratory testing necessary.


All of the cleaners performed very poorly, none were effective. In the case of the Supersolve 2878 and the Geoguard 5210  the weight of the coupons increased significantly, one possible explanation could be the actually trapped some of the cleaner or waste

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