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Trial Number 366

Trial Purpose:

Laboratory evaluations of alternative cleaning products

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Basic cleaning performance testing was conducted using ASTM G122 as the bases for cleaning. 

Fourteen products, including water were selected to determine their performance on glass window cleaning. The products were used at the dilution ratios as recommended by their manufacturers. Two products were used full strength; two at 10%; and one product at 25% and another at 20%. All other remaining products were used at concentrations less than 10%. Water was used as a universal solvent for comparative purposes.

Two hundred mills of each product were placed in a spraying bottle. The bottle was adjusted to the spraying mode and directed to a portion of the glass window followed by manual cleaning using paper towels. Paper towels were changed as soon as they got dirty. This was repeated until the paper towels had no more dirt stains on them. The remaining volume of cleaner was measured and the volume used for cleaning the window was determined by difference.

Trial Results:

All products showed tremendous performance (efficiencies were above 90%), some reaching 99%. For example, water performed equally well but a lot more energy had to be used for manual wiping.

Product                 #Paper Towels ~Vol Used
Oasis 255 5 80
Gemtek SC More than Glass 4 50
Bi-O-Kleen Glass 5 105
Glass and Hard Surface 4 100
Stay Clean Colloidal 5 100
Super H2O2 ~5 115
EZ Safe Solutions Cleaner ~5 90
VPW SC 1000 5 85
Rochester Glass ~5 98
101 Neutral (0.2%) ~5 105
101 Neutral (1.0%) ~5 115
H2Orange2 (0.8%) ~5 105
H2Orange2 (1.0%) ~5 90
Water ~7 125

Success Rating:

Preliminary compatibility tests on substrate coupons encouraging for at least one cleaning chemistry. More in-depth laboratory testing necessary.


All alternatives performed well on the glass window with the exception of a few which showed marks of dirt that remained on the window.

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