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Trial Number 383

Trial Purpose:

Laboratory evaluations of alternative aerosol cleaning products

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Basic cleaning performance testing was conducted using ASTM G122 as the bases for cleaning. 

Six products were selected for testing based on previous testing on the selected soil. All six products were used at full strength at room temperature. Each product, approximately 500 mls, was then poured into an EnviroCaddie aerosol spray system and pressurized to just under 95 psi using Nitrogen. Eighteen preweighed aluminum coupons were coated with a collection of brake/engine soil collected from an automobile shop. The coupons were allowed to sit for one day before a second weight was recorded. Three coupons were cleaned with each solution for 30 seconds via the aerosol spray system. Coupons were not rinsed and were air dried at room temperature for 5 minutes. Following drying, final weights were recorded and cleaning efficiencies were calculated.

Trial Results:

Five products removed over 85% of the brake soil in under 30 seconds of spray cleaning. Most of the products took longer to dry than previous tested products and/or left a small amount of liquid at the bottom of the coupons. Wiping the off the coupons resulted in cleaning efficiencies above 90%.

The table below lists the amount of soil applied, the amount remaining and the efficiency for each coupon cleaned.

Cleaner Initial wt Final wt % Removed
Harvest Gold 0.1920 0.0683 64.43
  0.3320 0.1034 68.86
  0.3309 0.1212 63.37
Soy Gold 1000 0.6389 0.0247 96.13
  0.8212 0.0275 96.65
  0.7286 0.0702 90.37
Citrus Soy Solvent 0.6523 0.0154 97.64
  0.5848 0.0258 95.59
  0.6709 0.0242 96.39
Maxisolv 0.3716 0.0219 94.11
  0.1359 0.0182 86.61
  0.5639 0.0082 98.55
Soy Gold 2000 0.4519 0.0282 93.76
  0.1839 0.0287 84.39
  0.1486 0.0206 86.14
SL 100 0.1408 0.0163 88.42
  0.3792 0.0310 91.82
  0.1701 0.0222 86.95

The next table lists the average efficiencies after wiping coupons to remove cleaning residue.

  Wipe Ave Efficiency
Soy Gold 1000 97.86
Citrus Soy Solvent 97.68
Maxisolv 94.67
Soy Gold 2000 90.12
SL 100 92.64

Success Rating:

Preliminary compatibility tests on substrate coupons encouraging for at least one cleaning chemistry. More in-depth laboratory testing necessary.


Some of the alternatives may need to be wiped dry. Despite the residue, all cleaners removed over 85% of the brake soil.

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