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Trial Number 11

Trial Purpose:

To test the efficiency of Gain Dish washing on the removal of glass soil from chrome, glass, and mirror substrates.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Initial weights of each substrate (chrome, glass, mirror) were taken and subsequently soiled with 0.5 grams of SSL soil 2 glass soil. The soil was allowed to air dry for 24 hours before taking dirty weights. After dirty weights were recorded, each substrate was manually wiped using the SLW unit. Each coupon was sprayed with 2 sprays of the cleaner along with the SLW wipe sprayed with 2 sprays. Manual wiping occurred for 20 wipes for all coupons.

Trial Results:

Results for gain dishwasher did not produce with a good product removal rating. Overall, the product (tested on 3 substrates) had a removal rating of 78.33 percent. Gain dish washing seemed to struggle in removing SSL soil 2 glass soil from chrome and glass surfaces. It did however, produce an average removal rating of 94 percent on mirror substrates. This was due to a lower final weight than initial weight. That could have been due to the coupon not being cleaned properly before hand or the scale gave the incorrect number for coupon weight.

Cleaner  Substrate Coupon  Initial wt. of con. Final wt. of con. % Removal  Average % removal  Product removal
A 1 12 0.05 0.03 46.17 64.17 78.33
13 0.12 0.01 88.74
24 0.04 0.02 57.60
2 14 0.12 0.03 74.27 76.53
11 0.04 0.01 78.80
46 0.11 0.03 76.53
3 17 0.11 0.03 71.77 94.30
5 0.10 0.02 79.26
12 0.08 -0.02 131.87

Success Rating:

Preliminary compatibility tests on substrate coupons encouraging for at least one cleaning chemistry. More in-depth laboratory testing necessary.


This product overall was not effective at removing SSL soil 2 glass soil from chrome, glass and mirror substrates. All coupons had traces of soils left over after cleaning with low removal percentages.

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