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Trial Number 14

Trial Purpose:

To test the efficiency of Clorox Bathroom spray on the removal of glass soil from chrome, glass, and mirror substrates.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Initial weights of each substrate (chrome, glass, mirror) were taken and subsequently soiled with 0.5 grams of Glass Soil. The Glass soil was allowed to dry for 24 hours before dirty weights of the coupons were taken. Each substrate was manually wiped using the SLW machine with the Clorox Bathroom cleaner. 2 sprays were added to each wipe and coupon. The SLW unit was used for 20 cycles. Final weights were taken an hour after coupons were cleaned.

Trial Results:

Cleaner  Substrate Coupon  Initial wt. of contamination Final wt. of contamination % Removal  Average % removal  Product removal
1 A 3 0.1045 0.0078 92.54 95.01 92.71
8 0.2605 0.0074 97.16
24 0.1606 0.0075 95.33
B 18 0.0679 0.0005 99.26 95.80
16 0.2333 0.0217 90.70
45 0.102 0.0026 97.45
C 12 0.0531 0.0116 78.15 87.33
17 0.1025 0.009 91.22
5 0.1339 0.0099 92.61

Success Rating:

Preliminary compatibility tests on substrate coupons encouraging for at least one cleaning chemistry. More in-depth laboratory testing necessary.


Overall, this product cleaned the Glass soil with an overall removal percentage of 92%. It removed soil from the glass substrate the best with an 96% removal rating. The product itself passes the level in which a product needs to perform as a cleaner which is above an 80% removal rating.

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