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Trial Number 1

Trial Purpose:

To evaluate five cleaners using ultrasonics

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

The five cleaners from the previous trial that caused a weight increase of the wax were used at the same dilutions, temperature and time. Each solution was de-gased in a Crest 40 kHz ultrasonic tank heated to 110 F. Fifteen preweighed coupons were coated with beeswax and allowed to cool before taking a dirty weight. Three coupons were cleaned in each solution for 5 minutes using ultrasonic energy. Coupons were rinsed at 110 F for 15 seconds using tap water and dried for 1 minute at 300 F using the Master Appliance heat gun.Final weights were recored and efficiencies were calculated for each solution.

Trial Results:

Three of the products showed significant improvement with the addition of ultrasonic energy in the cleaning process.  Texolite jumped to a 95% efficiency, Polyspray increased to 73.5% and Inproclean averaged 62.52%.  The other two removed less than 10% of the wax.  The table below lists the results for each product.

Cleaner Coupon 1 Coupon 2 Coupon 3 Average Std Dev
EXP 1400 -0.60 10.90 5.09 5.13 5.75
Inproclean 63.08 67.65 56.84 62.52 5.43
Texolite 90.59 94.63 99.79 95.00 4.61
Polyspray 75.19 68.75 76.55 73.50 4.16
Uni Clear 0.63 13.31 -8.51 1.81 10.96

Success Rating:

A follow up test, usually based on company input.


The three products that improved with ultrasonics will be evaluated again at increased concentrations and cleaning times.

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