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Trial Number 1

Trial Purpose:

To evaluate successful cleaners under different operating conditions.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

The four successful products from the previous trial were used at full strength and heated to 130 F on a hot plate in 400 ml beakers.
Twelve preweighed coupons were coated with with a layer of Essilor Yellow Ink Y368 Akyl resin printing ink (107-87-9, 123-86-4, 108-65-6, 1330-20-7) using a hand held swab. Once the ink was dry, a second weighing was recorded. Three coupons were cleaned in each solution for 5 minutes using only stir-bar agitation. After cleaning, the coupons were rinsed in a tap water spray for 15 seconds at 120 F and dried for 15 seconds using a Master Appliance Heat Gun at 500 F. Final weights were recorded and efficiencies calculated.

Trial Results:

The tap water rinse and the increased concentrations improved the cleaning efficiencies for two cleaners, Bio T Max and 7360. The other two soluions, Opticlear and Methyl Ester 1618, had efficiencies that remained the same as in the first trial.

Cleaner Initial wt of cont. Final wt of cont. %Cont Removed
Bio T Max 0.045 0.0004 99.11
  0.0072 -0.0002 102.78
  0.0323 1E-04 99.69
OptiClear 0.0369 0.0004 98.92
  0.0318 0.001 96.86
  0.0513 0.0004 99.22
7360 0.0297 0.0006 97.98
  0.0822 0.0014 98.30
  0.077 -1E-04 100.13
1618 0.05 0.0014 97.20
  0.0429 0.001 97.67
  0.0484 0.0034 92.98
Bio T Max:   Solution turned cloudy yellow within 15 seconds.  Most of the ink was gone in less than 2 minutes.
Opticlear: Solution turned yellow within 15 seconds.  Most of the ink was gone in less than 2 minutes. Yellow haze appeared after drying.
7360 Solution turned yellow within 30 seconds.  Most of the ink was gone around 3 minutes.  Less yellow haze than Opticlear.
1618 Solution turned yellow within 30 seconds.  Some ink spots remained after cleaning.

Success Rating:

A follow up test, usually based on company input.


The four solutions will be used in the next trial to clean the supplied optical lenses.

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