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Trial Number 7

Trial Purpose:

To evaluate products on the sixth supplied wax

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Two products were selected from the laboratories database of testing results based on client supplied data. Three other products were also selected based on success in previous trial. All six products were used at full strength in 600 ml beakers. The products were heated to 130 F on a hot plate. Fifteen preweighed ceramic coupons were coated with client supplied Aremco Crystalbond 509 wax. The wax was melted using a Master Appliance heat gun in a beaker and applied directly to the coupons. The coupons were allowed to cool to room temperature before weighing a second time. Three coupons were cleaned in each solution for 10 minutes using stir-bar agitation. Coupons were rinsed in tap water for 15 seconds at 120 F, followed by air blow off at room temperature. Once dry, coupons were weighed a final time and efficiencies for each cleaner were calculated. The most successful cleaner was then used for 30 minutes.

Trial Results:

None of the cleaners were able to remove over 15% of the Crystalbond during the 10 minute cleaning. One product, DS-108 was tested at an extended time. This resulted in about 60% of the Crystalbond 509 being removed. An increase in temperature, time or agitation would help to increase the cleaning efficiency. The table below lists the amount of Crystalbond applied and removed.

Table 1. Crystalbond Removal

Cleaner Initial wt Final wt % Removed
Opti Clear 2.6864 2.6873 -0.03
  1.0942 1.0918 0.22
  0.9742 0.9749 -0.07
Citrikleen XPC 0.9675 0.9652 0.24
  1.1464 1.1428 0.31
  1.0141 1.0126 0.15
Bio T 200 A 1.2436 1.2471 -0.28
  1.3766 1.3471 2.14
  1.2756 1.2781 -0.20
Crystal Bond 590 S 0.7117 0.7130 -0.18
  1.5351 1.5164 1.22
  1.7944 1.7952 -0.04
Dynamold DS 108 2.6873 2.4000 10.69
10 Min 1.0918 0.9746 10.73
  0.9749 0.8468 13.14
Dynamold DS 108 0.9746 0.5016 48.53
30 Min 0.8468 0.3335 60.62
  0.9652 0.2848 70.49

Success Rating:

Results successful using TACT (time, agitation, concentration, and temperature, as well as rinsing and drying) and/or other cleaning chemistries examined.


The next phase of testing will begin by cleaning supplied parts.

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