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Trial Number 1

Trial Purpose:

To evaluate supplied product on the effects on marble substrate through overnight immersion.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Several marble chips of similar size and shape were weighed to determine the baseline weight of each piece. The selected chips were then immersed in the supplied product at the recommended strength and allowed to sit overnight. After soaking at room temperature for 15 minutes, the marble chips were removed from the products and rinsed in a tap water spray at 120 F for 3 minutes to remove loose material from the chips. Then the chips were dried for 24 hours at room temperature. After the cooling period, final weights were recorded to determine weight loss, if any. If there was no noticeable changed suring this timeframe, the test was rerun with full strength cleaners and allowed to run for 24 hours. Observations were made and photographs were taken after the initial immersion of the chips into solutions (5 minutes), at 60 minutes and then following the overnight immersion. The % loss and the rate of loss was then calculated.

Trial Results:

Cleaner Initial Final % Loss Sitting Period (min) Rate of Loss (g/min)
J-Hydro 8.33% 17.4451 17.4439 0.00688 15 8.00E-05
CSB 10 xFF 10% 18.2562 18.2562 0.0000 15 0
PC-115 16.9933 16.4930 2.9441 15 3.34E-02
J-Hydro - Full 4.0363 3.8069 5.6834 1440 1.59E-04
CSB 10 xFF - Full 3.2076 3.2052 0.0748 1440 1.67E-06

Success Rating:

Results successful using TACT (time, agitation, concentration, and temperature, as well as rinsing and drying) and/or other cleaning chemistries examined.


The diluted concentrations of J-Hydro and CSB led to minimal changes in the weight of the marble blocks. Upon application at full strength for a 24 hour period, the J-Hydro dissolved almost 6% of the marble block; while CSB did not dissolve more than 0.1%. J-Hydro worked more effectively than CSB but not as effective as PC-115.

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