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Trial Number 0

Trial Purpose:

Information request.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Please search database for a substitution recommendation for our current process:
1. Aluminum tooling is the substrate.
2. Material to clean is residue from molding polycarbonate and polystyrene.
3. Process is manual. Tooling can be large.
4. Currently cleaned with Doall ink remover, which is Toluene and acetone.

Trial Results:

RESPONSE: The Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI) has made the results of the tests conducted at the Institute’s Surface Solutions Laboratory into a searchable database format. This should make alternative cleaner selection faster and easier. Here are the results of your query, based on the information supplied.

The first table lists products that have been tested at SSL under similar conditions.
Table 1. Contaminant Cleaning

CompanyName ProductName ClassificationDescription ContaminantDescription
Finger Lakes Chemicals Resineater Terpene Coating - Styrene Butidiene

The next two table are products that are suggested based on vendor supplied information. Table 3 contains vendor recommended products that were identified for manual wipe cleaning on aluminum substrates. The Value listed in the table is an environmental ranking based on SSL's indicators: VOC content, Global Warming Potentials, Ozone Depletion Potentials, HMIS/NFPR ratings and pH. Scores are based on a maximum of 50 points. The higher scores implies a potentially safer product.

Table 2. Parameters Used for Vendor Suggested Products

Vendro Suggested Products      
ContaminantDescription EquipmentDescription SubstrateDescription  
Resins/Rosins Manual Wipe Aluminum  
Value CompanyName ProductName ClassificationDescription
49 Innovative Organics Inc Amber Clean SC 11 Neutral Aqueous
48 Buckeye International Shopmaster LPH Alkaline Aqueous
48 Tarksol Inc Tarksol HTF 85 B Alcohol-Organic
47 AG Environmental Products Canola Gold CE110 Ester
47 AG Environmental Products Soy Clear 1500 Ester
47 Kyzen Corporation Misprint Stencil Remover Hydrocarbon
47 Phase III Ink California Parts Washer Solution Neutral Aqueous
47 Savogran HD-34 Cleaner Degreaser Semi-Aqueous
47 US Polychem Corporation Polychem 2000 P Alkaline Aqueous
46 International Products Corporation Surface Cleanse 930 Neutral Aqueous
46 Today & Beyond Beyond 2007 Alcohol
46 US Polychem Corporation Polyspray Jet 790 P Alkaline Aqueous
46 Vertec BioSolvents Take Off Green Organic
45 Buckeye International Shopmaster Alkaline Aqueous
45 Magnaflux Daraclean 235 Neutral Aqueous
45 Twin Rivers Corp Methyl Ester 1618 Ester
45 US Polychem Corporation Polychem A 2000 XS Alkaline Aqueous
45 US Polychem Corporation Polyspray Jet 790 XS Alkaline Aqueous
44 Magnaflux Daraclean 211 Alkaline Aqueous
44 US Polychem Corporation Polychem DEOX 007 Alkaline Aqueous
44 US Polychem Corporation Polychem Ultra CR Alkaline Aqueous
43 Alconox Inc Luminox Neutral Aqueous
43 Drummond American Keynote Neutral Aqueous
43 Finger Lakes Chemicals Safer Stuff Terpene
43 Magnaflux Daraclean 212 Neutral Aqueous
43 Mirachem Corporation Mirachem 250 Acidic Aqueous
43 Solutia Inc Santosol DME Ester
42 Pentone Corporation Citrikleen XPC Terpene-Semi-Aqueous
42 Pride International Inc Citrisolv Plus Semi-Aqueous
40 Alconox Inc Detergent 8 Alkaline Aqueous
40 Chem Tech Solutions 1050 Magic Organic
40 Chem Tech Solutions Westech CT 1550 Terpene
39 Bio Chem Systems Bio T 200 A Terpene
39 Magnaflux Daraclean 232 Alkaline Aqueous
39 Oakite Products Inproclean 4000 T Terpene-Organic
39 US Polychem Corporation Polychem PW 147 Alkaline Aqueous
39 Vertec BioSolvents VertecBio Gold 2 Organic
38 Du Pont DBE Ester
38 Du Pont DBE 4 Ester
38 Eastern Color & Chemical Company Ecobrite Cleaner AK Alkaline Aqueous
38 Solvent Kleene Inc D Greeze 500 LO Organic
38 Today & Beyond Beyond 2001 Alkaline Aqueous
38 Today & Beyond Beyond 2002 Alkaline Aqueous
38 Today & Beyond Beyond 2003 Alkaline Aqueous
38 Today & Beyond Beyond 2005 Alkaline Aqueous
37 Bio Chem Systems Bio T Max Terpene-Semi-Aqueous
37 Bio Chem Systems Solsafe 245 Petroleum Distillate
37 Bush Boake Allen Inc BBA Solvent K312 Terpene
37 Dynamold Solvents Inc DS 104 Petroleum Distillate
37 Dynamold Solvents Inc DS 108 Petroleum Distillate
37 Ecolink 2005 HCFC
37 Ecolink Safe Strip Organic
37 Ecolink VG 151 Terpene
37 Ecolink Vortex Semi-Aqueous
37 Florida Chemical Company Citrus Burst 7 Terpene
37 Florida Chemical Company D-Limonene Terpene
37 Inland Technologies Inc Citrasafe Terpene
37 ISP Technologies N Methyl Pyrrolidone Organic
37 LPS Laboratories LPS Precision Clean Alkaline Aqueous
37 Magnaflux Daraclean 282 GF Alkaline Aqueous
37 National Diagnostic Histo Clear Terpene
37 National Diagnostic Opti Clear Terpene
37 Tarksol Inc Tarksol HTF 60 Terpene
37 Today & Beyond Beyond 2004 Alkaline Aqueous
37 U.S. Polychem Corporation 87 RB Hydrocarbon
37 US Polychem Corporation Hydropurge 36 Alkaline Aqueous
37 WM Barr & Company Citristrip Terpene-Semi-Aqueous
36 General Chemical Corporation Aquaclean 4784 Caustic
36 Today & Beyond Beyond 2006 Alkaline Aqueous
35 Oakite Products Citradet Semi-Aqueous
34 Magnaflux Daraclean 282 Alkaline Aqueous

To compare the Environmental rankings the following is the values assigned to Acetone and Toluene
31 Acetone
30 Toluene

Success Rating:

Technology Transfer.


Cleaning varies from case to case.  The SSL recommends process specific testing on potential replacement cleaning chemicals.  If more information is needed on a particular product, or you are interested in conducting cleaning trials, please contact the lab at (978)934-3133.

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