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Trial Number 3

Trial Purpose:

To evaluate second set of effectively screened alternative floor strippers.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

The effective products from the second set of screened products were tested at full strength and room temperature. Vinyl tile coupons (3"x4") were coated with the Johnson Wax Show Place floor coating using a hand held swab. The coating was allowed to dry for an hour. After completely dry, additional coats were applied. A total of four coats were used. After all coats were applied, pictures were taken of the coupons using regular lighting and under black light.

Each solution was applied to three coupons and allowed to soak for 10 minutes. At the end of the soaking, the coupons were wiped to remove excess floor stripping solution. Each coupon was then cleaned using a scrub pad supplied by the client. Cleaning was performed at approximately 175 rpms. After cleaned pictures were again taken using both regular and black light conditions. Each set of three coupons were then compared according to the amount of removal to the other products tested.

Trial Results:

Product Observation
Soy-Strip Removed almost all wax, could be scrubbed for >5 min to remove all wax. Looks "dirty".
Emerge Some wax removed.  Looks "dirty" and gummy.
Soy-Gel Removed almost all wax, the rest could be peeled off.
Soy Safe Graffiti Remover Soy odor, sticky, gummy, most wax removed
Household Paint Stripper Strong odor, all wax removed
Green Solutions(100)  Sticky, gummy, glue-like, did not remove wax
Green Solutions(9.2)  Some wax removed, wax softened and could be scraped off
Cycle-Strip Did not remove wax, wax softened and could be scraped off
Citrus Burst 7 Did not remove wax
D-Limonene Sticky, "dirty" look after scrubbing, did not remove wax
Ez-Solv Did not remove wax
SC 1000 Sticky, "dirty" look after scrubbing, did not remove wax
Citra Safe "Watery", very little wax removed
Inproclean 4000 T Sticky, did not remove wax
SoySolv Some wax removed
Soy Cleaner 180 D Did not remove wax
3D Degreaser Sticky, did not remove wax
Soy Cream Cleaner Did not remove wax
Citrus Purre Remover  Some wax removed, could be manually peeled off

Success Rating:

Results successful using TACT (time, agitation, concentration, and temperature, as well as rinsing and drying) and/or other cleaning chemistries examined.


The three alternatives had moderate success in removing the wax using the mechanical agitation. Increasing soak time may improve effectiveness.

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