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Trial Number 0

Trial Purpose:

To identify alternatives for first process with mold release agents and resin

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Ten cleaners were selected from the laboratories database of testing. One additional product were selected based on client input. Seven products were diluted to 5% by volume in 600 ml glass beakers using DI water. The remaining four products were used at full strength. Products were used at room temperature.

Thirty-three preweighed coupons were first coated with Valspar MR 225 mold release (100-41-4, 1330-20-7, 8052-41-3, 67-63-0, 108-88-3, 110-82-7, 64742-89-8), followed by a second coating with Valspar MR 225 Aerosol (75-28-5, 74-98-6, 100-41-4, 75-09-2). Finally, the coupons were coated with ITW Philadelphia Resins Chockfast Orange Resin (25068-38-6). The coupons were placed into a convection oven at 150 F and allowed to cure overnight. After the coupons were cooled to room temperature, a second set of weights were recorded to determine the amount of contaminants were added.

Three coupons were cleaned in each product for five minutes using stir-bar agitation. After cleaning the coupons were removed and dried using compressed air at room temperature. Final weights were to be recorded after coupons were dry. Observations were made and recorded.

Trial Results:

After running the trial for the aqueous based products, it was observed that surface of the resin/mold release agents were not affected. The semi-aqueous products had more success in removing the resin from the coupons.
Final weights were not recorded after visual inspection of the aqueous cleaned coupons. The semi-aqueous products were found to be effective when the coupons were wiped with a paper towel after the soaking.

Manufacturer Products Observations
Brulin Corp Aquavantage 1400 No change
Buckeye International Shopmaster LpH No change
Mangaflux Daraclean 282 No change
Today & Beyond Beyond 2006 No change
Gemtek Products SC Aircraft-Metal No change
Innovative Organics Amberclean L12 No change
Crest Ultrasonics Crest 211 (client supplied) No change
Soysolv Industrial SoySolv II Some removal after wiping
Kyzen Corp Ionox HC2 More removal
Bio Chem Systems Bio T Max Some removal
Florida Chemical Citrus Burst 7 Tacky with some removal

When the coupons were allowed to soak in the semi-aqueous products overnight, the resin peeled off the aluminum coupons in a single sheet.

Success Rating:

Results successful using TACT (time, agitation, concentration, and temperature, as well as rinsing and drying) and/or other cleaning chemistries examined.


The testing will be repeated for the aqueous products but no resin will be applied to the mold release agent on the coupons.

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