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Trial Number 3

Trial Purpose:

To evaluate successful cleaners on supplied parts

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Three products from the previous trial were selected based on their high efficiency removing the various buffing compounds. Each product, Ensolv, CCA and Lenium ES were poured into 250 ml glass beakers and placed on a magnetic stir-plate. Six brass parts presoiled with the brown buffing compound were photographed to establish the baseline level of contamination. Two parts were immersed into each solution and cleaned for 5 minutes at room temperature.  Following cleaning, parts were photographed again and observations were made.

Trial Results:

Each of the three solutions removed some of the buffing compound in the five minutes of room temperature cleaning. During cleaning each cleaning product had black pieces of the buffing compound floating in it. Photos show the dirty and cleaned parts.

Success Rating:

A follow up test, usually based on company input.


The three products would be more effective if tested at an elevated temperature.

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