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Trial Number 0

Trial Purpose:

To generate a list of alternatives to TCE for aircraft and automotive part cleaning.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Using the laboratory's database for solvent cleaning substitution, the lab generated a list of products that have been used to replace TCE in various cleaning applications.

Trial Results:

The Table contains products that have tested successfully for TCE replacement. In addition, testing information for Client Number 28 (Aircraft Parts Manufacturer) was provided.

Company Product
3M HFE 71 De
3M HFE 7100
3M HFE 7200
AG Environmental Products Canola Gold CE110
AGA Chemical AK 225
Alconox Inc Alcojet
Amax Corporation Safety First
Ardrox Inc 6333
AW Chesterton 278 Super Solv
AW Chesterton KPC 820 N
Bio Chem Systems Bio T 200 A
Bio Chem Systems Bio T 300 B
Bio Chem Systems Bio T Max
Bio Chem Systems Green Stuff (6325)
Brulin Corporation Aquavantage 1400
Brulin Corporation Compliance
Brulin Corporation Formula 815 GD
Calgon Corporation Geo Guard 2215
Calgon Corporation Geo Guard 3015
Chrisal USA Inc Super CMF 240
Church & Dwight Co Inc Armaklean E 2002
Cleaning Systems Release
Crest Ultrasonics Crest 14
Dow Chemical Company OS 10
Dow Chemical Company OS 20
Dow Chemical Company OS 30
DuPont DBE 5
DuPont Vertrel CCA
DuPont Vertrel MCA
Dynamold Solvents Inc DS 104
Dynamold Solvents Inc DS 108
Ecolink Vortex
Emkay Chemical Company Safety Wash CRC
Enviro Tech International Ensolv
Enviro Tech International Ensolv A
Fine Organic Corporation FO 2085 M
Florida Chemical Company Citrus Burst 7
Gemtek Products Maxi Solv
Gemtek Products SC Aircraft & Metal Cleaner
Hubbard Hall Inc Ultrasoak 127
Innovative Organics Inc Amberclean L 12
International Products Corp  Micro 90
International Products Corp  Surface Cleanse 930
Kyzen Corporation Ionox HC 2
Kyzen Corporation Metalnox M6314
Kyzen Corporation Metalnox M6960
Lifetime Solutins Ltd Commercial All Purpose
LPS Laboratories LPS Precision Clean
MacDermid Industrial ND 17
Magnaflux Daraclean 232
Magnaflux Daraclean 282
Magnaflux Daraclean 282 GF
Magnaflux Daraclean 283
Magnaflux Daraguard 416
Matchless Metal Polish Co MC 132
Metabolix Inc Metabolix E3HB
Micro Care Flux Remover C
Micro Care Heavy Duty Degreaser C
National Diagnostic Opti Clear
Oakite Products Inproclean 2000
Oakite Products Inproclean 3800
Oakite Products Inproclean 4000 T
PCI of America Hurrisafe 9450
Pentone Corporation Citrikleen XPC
Petroferm Inc Lenium ES
Petroferm Inc Lenium GS
Poly Systems USA Inc Solvon IP
Poly Systems USA Inc Solvon PB
Sky Products Company Inc Cleaner #10
Solvent Kleene Inc D Greeze 1000
Solvent Kleene Inc D Greeze 500 LO
Soysolv Industrial Products  Soysolv II
Texo Corporation Texolite 1734 XL
Today & Beyond Beyond 2001
Today & Beyond Beyond 2003
Today & Beyond Beyond 2008
Twin Rivers Technologies Methyl Ester 1618
US Polychem Corporation Polychem DEOX 007
US Polychem Corporation Polyspray Jet 790 P
US Polychem Corporation Polyspray Jet 790 XS
Warren Chemical Company Sea Wash 8 New

Success Rating:

Technology Transfer.


Cleaning varies from case to case.  The SSL recommends process specific testing on potential replacement cleaning chemicals.  If more information is needed on a particular product, or you are interested in conducting cleaning trials, please contact the lab at (978)934-3133.

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