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Trial Number 26

Trial Purpose:

To evaluate carpet resoiling characteristics of supplied cleaning product for GS 37 certification

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Carpet pieces that were previously soiled and cleaned with the supplied product and Liquid Formula 90 (industry standard product) were resoiled by placing the carpet sections into the 1-gallon can, making sure the carpet lined the inner wall of the can.  Nalgene® tubing cut into 1/8" pieces were poured into the bucket and 2 grams of the AATCC soil was distributed along the width of the can.  The can was lidded and placed into a harness attached to a crank shaft. The crank was turned at an average rate of 42 rpm by hand for 5 minutes in one direction, followed by 5 minutes of rotation in the opposite direction. At the end of the 10-minute soiling regime, the carpet was placed onto a carpet template and vacuumed with a Eureka SuperBroom (Brush-Up, Motor-Driven/Brush-Roll) vacuum for 5 strokes in the forward direction followed by the same number of strokes in the backward direction. The carpet pieces were evaluated again using a BYK specro-guide gloss color meter was used to measure L-values from the surface of the carpet.

Trial Results:

The two dilutions of PC 120 both dilutions had better resoiling characteristics as shown by the higher light meter readings and the lower difference in final L value and extraction L values. The PC 220 at the 1:64 dilution had similar results to the industry comparative product. All products and dilutions worked better than water alone. The table list the L-value reading for each section of carpet before resoiling and after vacuuming.

Cleaner  Part Extraction  Ave E Resoil Ave R Difference
Chemspec Liquid 90 1:640 A 72.65 72.05 54.49 55.72 16.33
  B 74.73 59.17      
  C 68.77 53.51      
MD Steston PC 120 1:64 A 75.67 72.3 57.43 59.22 13.08
  B 71.95 57.38      
  C 69.27 62.84      
MD Steston PC 120 1:128 A 72.14 69.78 58.34 56.49 13.29
  B 65.96 53.3      
  C 71.24 57.82      
MD Steston PC 220 1:64 A 73.95 73.92 59.53 56.57 17.35
  B 73.09 52.2      
  C 74.71 57.98      
MD Steston PC 220 1:128 A 74.41 70.08 47.76 51.7 18.39
  B 66.37 50.63      
  C 69.47 56.7      
Water A 70.85 70 59.79 51.17 18.83
  B 71.26 44.31      
  C 67.88 49.4      

Success Rating:

A follow up test, usually based on company input.


The PC 120 at 1:64 and 1:28 and the PC 220 were better than or comparable to the conventional non-green product for resoiling.

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