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Trial Number 6

Trial Purpose:

To evaluate supplied product for grease removal (using DCC-17) from stainless steel and aluminum surfaces with an initial soak in cleaning solution prior to following TURI’s manual cleaning method.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

The following experimental procedure is in accordance with TURI’s cleaning a modified operating procedure for kitchen soil removal. The process added a soak prior to cleaning with manual washability unit.

Soiling Process:

A set of pre-weighed stainless steel and aluminum coupons were contaminated with 0.5 grams of DCC-17 soil using a handheld swab. Soil was applied onto the center of the coupon’s surfaces. The soil, DCC-17, was made with the following ingredients: Vegetable Shortening 33%, Lard 33%, Vegetable Oil 33%, and Carbon lampblack 1%. After all the stainless steel and aluminum coupons were contaminated with DCC-17 soil, the coupons sat overnight and then re-weighed to determine the amount of contaminant added.

Cleaning Process:

Three soiled substrates were immersed into a bath for the respective cleaning agent for five minutes at a temperature of 110 oF. The coupons were then cleaned in the Gardner Straight Line Washability unit for 20 cycles (~33 seconds). The cleaning solutions were diluted to the desired concentrations specified by the vendor. Two Wypall X60 reinforced wipe were attached to the cleaning sled prior to running the SLW machine.

Efficacy Rating Process:

The substrates were left to dry at room temperature for an hour before weighing to determine the amount of contaminant removed.

Trial Results:

Vi-Jon Economy Pot & Pan was observed to be slightly more effective on stainless steel surfaces than the comparative cleaning agent, Brady Pot & Pan, with a respective efficacy of 96.41% and 91.43%. The results on the aluminum were nearly identical, with the Vi-Jon product removing 95.55% and the Brady product 95.19%. Overall performance for the two economy products was good. The table below contains to the amount of contaminant added, the amount remaining and the percent removal by the respective cleaning agent to measure the efficacy of the cleaners.

Cleaner Initial wt (g) Final wt (g) % Removed
Brady Pot and Pan Stainless Steel      
  0.4835 0.032 93.38
  0.4861 0.0486 90
  0.4842 0.044 90.91
Brady Pot and Pan Aluminum      
  0.4831 0.024 95.03
  0.4855 0.0221 95.45
  0.4849 0.0238 95.09
Vi-Jon Economy Pot and Pan Stainless Steel      
  0.4852 0.0235 95.16
  0.4853 0.013 97.32
  0.4881 0.0159 96.74
Vi-Jon Economy Pot and Pan Aluminum      
  0.4893 0.019 96.12
  0.4841 0.0167 96.55
  0.4851 0.0292 93.98

Success Rating:

A cleanliness study, addressing only various analytical techniques.


The supplied products from Vi-Jon compared equally with the Brady brand products.

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