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Trial Number 4

Trial Purpose:

To evaluate products using ultrasonic cleaning with rinsing.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Four cleaners were selected from previous trial. Three aqueous based cleaners were diluted to 10% using DI water in 600 ml beakers. One semi-aqueous product was used at 50% diluted with DI water. All of the products were heated to 120 F on a hot plate and then immersed into hot water at 120 in a Branson 3150 40 kHz ultrasonic tank and degassed for five minutes.
Twelve preweighed aluminum coupons were coated with the second client supplied oil, Castrol Moly Dee Tapping Fluid. The oil was applied to coupons using a swab and then heated for 10 minutes using a Master Appliance heat gun. The coupons were allowed to cool to room temperature before weighing a second time.
Three coupons were cleaned in each solution for 10 minutes using ultrasonic cleaning. Coupons were rinsed in tap water at 120 F for 15 seconds and then dried using air blow off at room temperature. Once dry, coupons were weighed a final time and efficiencies for each cleaner were calculated.

Trial Results:

All four products were successful in removing over 90% of the tapping fluid using ultrasonics with rinsing.  The Bio Chem Bio T 300 B was successful in removing over 98% of the soil in only 2 minutes of cleaning. The table lists the amount of soil initially added, the amount remaining after cleaning and the efficiency for each coupon cleaned.

Cleaner   Initial wt Final wt    % Removed
815 GD 0.6043 0.0001 99.98
  0.4247 -0.0001 100.02
  0.5094 0.0001 99.98
Metalnox M6314 0.5104 0.0273 94.65
  0.5762 0.0126 97.81
  0.6401 0.1132 82.32
Hurrisafe 9450 0.6360 0.0155 97.56
  0.8197 0.0051 99.38
  0.5099 0.0075 98.53
Bio T 300 B 0.6065 0.0031 99.49
  0.5907 0.0065 98.90
  0.4515 0.0071 98.43

Success Rating:

A follow up test, usually based on company input.


Ultrasonic cleaning improved the aqueous based cleaning products.  The Bio T 300 B was found to be as effective at a shorter time also with ultrasonic cleaning.

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