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Trial Number 9

Trial Purpose:

To evaluate selected products on supplied parts using simulated cleaning process

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Five additional products previously used in testing to clean the two client supplied soils were chosen to clean client supplied parts with. All five cleaners had a removal efficiency under 99% but over 80% for both the Trimsol and the Hard Cut.

The parts were taken out of the client supplied bags, sectioned in to 4 groups so all 8 types of parts would be cleaned in each cleaner. Each cleaner was put in a bowl and a metal mesh basket was used to dunk and swirl the parts in the solutions. The parts were then put on a tray and when done were bagged for transport to the client. There was no rinse or drying involved. The process was done to as closely replicate the process used on site as possible.

Trial Results:

All cleaners showed evidence of removing fines and cutting fluids based on visual observations of used cleaning fluids.

Success Rating:

Results suggest a scale-up feasible match for cleaning chemistry and equipment. Pilot plant study with actual parts recommended.


Parts were sent back to client for their inspection using microscope following their QA/QC procedures.

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