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Trial Number 0

Trial Purpose:

To evaluate selected products for the removal of adhesive and fingerprints from glass surface using manual cleaning.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Eight products were selected from the laboratory's web database,, based on supplied information from the client. Each product was used at full strength and room temperature. In addition, the current cleaning solvent, IPA, was included for comparative purposes.

Twenty-seven preweighed glass coupons were contaminated with a strip of the supplied adhesive tape. In addition, areas not covered with the tape were touched with fingers in order to add fingerprints to the surface. Coupons were weighed again to determine the amount of contamination added. Three coupons were then cleaned with each solution.

Cleaning was performed by soaking a WypAll X60 reinforced paper towel with the cleaning solution. The coupons were then manually wiped for 2 minutes followed by a 10 second wipe with a dry towel. Visual observations were made and recorded during cleaning. Once dry, the coupons were weighed a final time and removal efficiencies were calculated for each product.

Trial Results:

Five of the eight alternatives removed more adhesive than the current solvent IPA. Two products had no effect on the adhesive. Only one product, Kyzen Ionox HC2 removed all of the adhesive and fingerprints from the glass coupons. The table below lists the amount of adhesive/fingerprint added, the amount remaining and the efficiency for each coupon cleaned. Observations also are included.

Cleaner Initial wt Final wt % Removed Observations
Bio T Max 0.1417 0.0839 40.79 Removed top layer of adhesive
  0.1490 0.0508 65.91 Smudgy surface
  0.1405 0.0539 61.64  
Solsafe 245 0.1718 0.0644 62.51 Removed top layer and some of bottom layer
  0.1575 0.0348 77.90 non smudged surface
  0.1387 0.0254 81.69  
Shopmaster RC 0.1437 0.0458 68.13 Removed top layer and some of bottom layer
  0.1415 0.0523 63.04 non smudged surface
  0.1336 0.0391 70.73  
SC Actisolv 0.1496 0.0374 75.00 Good removal of top and bottom layer
  0.1655 0.0446 73.05 non smudged surface
  0.1589 0.0355 77.66  
Optisolv OP 7171 0.1178 0.1113 5.52 No removal - top layer still sticky
  0.1459 0.1391 4.66 Smudgy surface
  0.1375 0.1305 5.09  
Ionox HC 2 0.1235 0.0000 100.00 Excellent removal
  0.1334 0.0002 99.85 required under 2 minutes (ave 1:45)
  0.1437 -0.0002 100.14  
DS 144 0.1178 0.0388 67.06 Good removal of top layer and some of bottom layer
  0.1463 0.0583 60.15 non smudged surface
  0.1080 0.0255 76.39  
DS 800 0.1611 0.1649 -2.36 No removal - top layer still sticky
  0.1427 0.1445 -1.26 non smudged surface
  0.1403 0.1457 -3.85  
IPA 0.1412 0.0445 68.48 Good removal of top layer and most of bottom layer
  0.1454 0.0475 67.33 non smudged surface
  0.1625 0.0723 55.51  

Success Rating:

Results successful using TACT (time, agitation, concentration, and temperature, as well as rinsing and drying) and/or other cleaning chemistries examined.


The five products removing more than the current solvent will be evaluated under conditions more closely matching the current cleaning practice (residual adhesive removal only). Odor comparisons also will be conducted to determine comparisons to IPA.

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