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Trial Number 1

Trial Purpose:

To evaluate successful products on second supplied contaminant.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Five products were selected from the previous trial. Each product was used at full strength and room temperature. In addition, the current cleaning solvent, IPA, was included for comparative purposes.

Eighteen preweighed glass coupons were contaminated with a strip of the supplied EVA material. Coupons were weighed again to determine the amount of contamination added. Three coupons were then cleaned with each solution. Cleaning was performed by soaking a WypAll X60 reinforced paper towel with the cleaning solution. The coupons were then manually wiped for unto 1 minute followed by a 5 second wipe with a dry towel. Visual observations were made and recorded during cleaning. Once dry, the coupons were weighed a final time and removal efficiencies were calculated for each product.

Trial Results:

Three of the alternatives and the IPA removed the EVA film in under a minute, with most requiring under 30 seconds. One product removed the film from 2 of the three coupons. The IPA caused the EVA film to ball up on itself, whereas the other effective products caused the EVA film to be removed in one piece, apparently breaking the bond between the glass and the film. The last product only removed the film from one coupon.

The table below lists the amount of EVA added, the amount remaining, and the observations made for each coupon cleaned.

Cleaner Initial wt Final wt % Removed Observations
Solsafe 245 0.9640 0.9343 3.08 little removal
  1.0701 1.0352 3.26 little removal
  0.7437 0.0012 99.84 removed in one long piece from one coupon
Shopmaster RC 0.9017 0.0007 99.92 peel off in 1 piece at 1 minute
  1.0626 0.0005 99.95 off in 15 seconds
  1.0177 0.0008 99.92 off in 11 seconds
SC Actisolv 0.8145 -0.0004 100.05 peel off in 1 piece at 9 seconds
  0.9594 0.0004 99.96 peel off in 1 piece at 18 seconds
  0.8028 -0.0001 100.01 peel off in 1 piece at 12 seconds
Ionox HC 2 0.8090 0.0000 100.00 peel off in 1 piece at 5 seconds
  0.9910 0.0002 99.98 peel off in 1 piece at 5 seconds
  0.8121 -0.0002 100.02 peel off in 1 piece at 2 seconds
DS 144 0.8931 0.0003 99.97 peel off in 1 piece at 36 seconds
  0.7463 0.0009 99.88 peel off in 1 piece at 18 seconds
  0.9123 0.9140 -0.19 only started to peel off at corners
IPA 0.9303 0.0005 99.95 rolled up into ball at 38 seconds
  0.7740 0.0010 99.87 rolled up into ball at 36 seconds
  0.8420 0.0001 99.99 rolled up into ball at 22 seconds

Success Rating:

Results successful using TACT (time, agitation, concentration, and temperature, as well as rinsing and drying) and/or other cleaning chemistries examined.


The top three performing products (Shopmaster RC -28 seconds, SC Actisolv - 13 seconds and Ionox HC 2 - 4 seconds) removed the EVA film in less time than the IPA - 32 seconds.

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