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Trial Number 13

Trial Purpose:

To evaluate products with better pH values for adhesive removal

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Eight products were selected from the laboratory's web database,, based on supplied information from the client. Each product was used at full strength and room temperature.

Glass coupons were contaminated with a strip of the supplied adhesive tape. coupons were then cleaned with each solution. Cleaning was performed by soaking a WypAll X60 reinforced paper towel with the cleaning solution. The coupons were then manually wiped for up to 2 minutes. Visual observations were made and recorded during cleaning.

Trial Results:

Five of the eight products removed the adhesive within 1 minute of the manual wiping. The table lists the amount of time required to remove the adhesive from the glass surface.

Product Time
Free & Clear 36 seconds
Scout Glass & Surface 37 seconds - foamy, could be diluted
Kernel Clean 45 seconds
Clean Environment Glass 57 seconds
Biorenewable Glass 79 seconds - foamy
SC More Than Glass 22 seconds
EnviroCare Glass 71 seconds - foamy, could be diluted
Smart Solve 605 Over 2 minutes

Success Rating:

A follow up test, usually based on company input.


The five products with the shortest required cleaning times will be evaluated on the EVA film.

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